Men with no socks

On their feet.

Is this new or has this been trending for a while?

I don’t like to see men without socks ,wearing shoes, what do you think?

I don’t like diamond socks either…I like to see plain socks on a man…

What’s your preference? :grin:

Oh Dear, Pauline!

Put a … in it!


Not sure what that means, Ted…are you being naughty again,:joy::joy:

Put a sock in it…yes, I know Ted…not funny,I’ve just flagged your post!..:joy::rofl::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Put A Sock In It!

How’s that?

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.Ted, you haven’t answered the question…I bet your a diamond sock wearer?,…:joy::rofl:

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I like to wear a green sock on my left foot, and a red sock on my right foot!

This is a Sailor thing.

Green, if I’ve been on the port, Red if I’ve been on the red!


I would imagine , that men who don’t wear socks with their shoes, must be a breeding ground for bacteria, same for ladies, yet it seems more acceptable for ladies wearing no socks with their shoes than it does for men.

I don’t mind whether a man wears socks or not. I also like diamond patterned socks. I wonder who created the first sock. Because obviously at some point we did not have socks. Also we are born without socks, so socks are not essential to life. Socks are a distraction from the true meaning of life. Plus no socks means no smelly socks in the laundry basket.


We weren’t born with any clothes…does that mean we should walk around naked?

Or worse still, a naked man wearing only a pair of diamond socks!..:joy::rofl::open_mouth::open_mouth:

When I was younger, no way would I date a boy wearing diamond socks.

I know I was shallow in those days…:joy:

You’re right Annie , socks are not essential to life and are a distraction … besides, I rarely pay attention to men’s socks.
They have more interesting attributes to focus upon.

I can think of worse things … besides he’d have a fig leaf surely… unless you’re insisting he wear the diamond socks on his feet.

Men also sleep in their socks…some men do…:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

I have a rather stylish pair of fluffy socks that I wear in bed. I had some leopard spot ones once.

what’s wrong with diamond socks?

what is worse - no socks or diamond socks?

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You refer of course to Argyle socks…

A Short History of Argyle Socks – Joseph Turner News


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Am I the only one who likes argyle socks?


fluffy bed socks are my pet hate.

I had some with little toes once too.

oh I had some of those. They were weird. stripy things.

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Why would anyone dislike them, classy

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