Meditation / Yoga

Anyone into meditation or yoga?

I’d love to try both - as they’re meant to be very good for you, meditation for you mind and yoga for your body. Anyone tried it or thought about giving it a go?

Have you ever had a foot in mouth moment?

With new improved yoga your mind will be at peace,your body in harmony.

Yes!! With new improved yoga you will never make another stupid comment.

PLUS!!-with time you can even put you foot in you mouth.

So try new improved yoga tomorrow.

My daughter practices yoga, which she says helps her mind and body, but I think she should concentrate a bit more on the meditation - her body’s OK. :lol: :lol:

More seriously, there are many ways to meditate and many cultural styles. It does not need to be wrapped up in a mysterious package and it can be learnt and enhanced without paying for it. If you find a style to suit it can be very therapeutic and beneficial.

Joking aside the hardest thing for me(I know the limits of my body) was learning to relax.

On the mat,breathing in through the nose,out through the nose slowly,let your mind empty. It took me at least three months to do that-my mind just would not empty.

But it did-has it ever filled again is debatable

Well as you know, I start yoga September never having done it before. I am certain I will not be able to ‘empty my mind’ either OG. If all the others there manage to, I’ll just pretend to fit in.

Thanks guys. Kel posted this on Dogsey, might by of help to some of you too:

That make sense-replace stress thoughts with images of a sun kissed beach and coconut palms waving gently in the breeze.

Bloody topless girl just when I was drifting.

But the mind does emptyit`s not sleep,just a few seconds of being nowhere really and then the body kicks in “to be ready for your yoga session this afternoon”

Lol you nutta :043:

I’ve often thought I’d like to try it but my mind is buzzing all the time, I don’t think I’d ever be able to empty it! :lol:

I’m the same Mags - think that just means we need it most :lol:

Welcome back btw!

:lol: :lol: :lol: I think I’m a hopeless case Azz!

Thanks for the WB!:slight_smile:

You and me both then :043:

Getting a bit nervous now, going to start these ‘Yoga for the over 50s’ classes in a few weeks. Bought a couple of cheap tops and some leggings for it today, I look like a horrible stick insect! I am really nervous of meeting new people and this empyting your mind lark that OG mentions, I know I won’t be able to to that part.

I expect there will be other newbies there also, Mary … and I expect they are all thinking the same as you;-)

You’ll be fine, I’m sure … but if you do discover the secret of emptying your mind, please can you let me know the secret?! :mrgreen:

I know Mags … you’re right. I took my little grand daughter to her first Brownie meeting last night and she wasn’t a bit scared - kids eh? No matter how frightened I get I will go, it’s something I’d love to have a go at. Will let you know how the empty mind (or not) goes.

Went to my first ever yoga session this morning and absolutely loved it! No difficulty with the positions etc, except for not breathing in/out in the right places. A nice group of people, met someone I worked with 43 years ago when we were shorthand typists. The ‘relaxing’ parts will become easier with time I’m sure. Wrote down most of what I could remember when I got home and intend to practice most days. Whoopee, I did it!

Well done!!!. Its not a competition and the breathing will come in time. For the first few sesions you may be playing catch up`ie looking at the teacher for the pose.

Once that stage passes you can concentrate on the breath. And remember NEVER force a pose-it takes time

Well done Mary! :smiley: So pleased it all went well for you and all your pre-yoga worrying was for nothing!

What a coincidence meeting someone you knew from all those years ago, too … that would certainly help to break the ice!

Needless to say you are looking forward to your next lesson now! :mrgreen:

Nice one Maryl!

Glad it went well for you - and please do keep us posted!

Thanks friends, it really was wonderful there. I received a call from them about an hour ago because I’d left my specs behind - doh!