Me & Augie extreme hill climb

Me and Augie riding up a crazy steep 30% grade hill in Laguna beach, CA on 6.26.21. Augie is 44 years younger than me (he’s 21) and you can see his explosive power as he climbs the hill at Breakneck speed. I wasn’t as fast, but I did beat the folks on bikes who couldn’t catch me. My next challenge will be an attempt to climb the top 10 steepest Hills in San Francisco a week after 4th of July!

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Wow!! :mini::041::mini::026::mini::041::mini::026::mini:

Well done, did you start at his age?

Very well done UniGeezer!

Well done Terry, my legs are aching after watching that! :lol:

Looks like you have some strong opposition there with Augie… did you teach him how to ride from scratch?

I learned to ride in 1967, age 11, but went on to other things after a couple of years and didn’t pick it up again until 2006 at the age of 50.

he basically taught himself, and became a very accomplished Rider by the time he was 15. In fact, he became the youngest to ever ride 100 miles at age 14 when we did the ride as a fundraiser for autism, and dedicated the ride to his twin brother who has autism.

Both amazing ! Starting back up @ 50 is inspirational.