Marilyn Monroe

I think Bus Stop was the only film she made that wasn’t a comedy or a musical (but that could be wrong)

let’s admit it we all fancied her once!! - and she did have presidents hanging off her dress tails!

My adoration for her was only diminished slightly when I saw Julie Christie in A for Andromeda but I can multitask.


She was also very good in Niagara. Obviously she was cast in stereotype roles because of her looks but she was a very good actress, you don’t get that far in Hollywood on just looks. Some fabulous ladies on screen in those days. They had real style and personality in those days, not just looks.

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Also “River of No Return” with Robert Mitchum, another talented but “erratic” actor and one of my favourites … :+1:

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I wonder what she did with all her money - did she create a president perhaps?

She was credited with some great quotes …

If I’d observed all the rules I’d have never got anywhere

What do I wear in bed?..Chanel No5 of course

A wise girl knows her limits…a smart girl knows she has none

Actually it’s worth looking up.some of her life quotes …they show she was much more than just a pretty face.

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She also echoed Mae West’s words … “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”:ok_hand::+1:

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I must admit to never ever seen a film with Marilyn Monroe in. At my tender age I didn’t go in for all that sloppy stuff…

Ah, but all the lumpy jumpers liked her, so the ‘sloppy stuff’ had to be endured or go without :astonished::point_right::wink::grin::+1:

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yes that’s why you keep running away from Mrs Fox!!

Some of the films she was in were quite dark. Not romantic at all.

I was brought up on westerns and war films Annie, where if it wasn’t for the Americans we would be over run by injuns and Japs…

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Hang on, aren’t you always complaining that you are being over run by injuns?

Ha Ha, not those sort of Injuns Bruce, but there were none of the other kind here when I was watching John Wayne…

how many kinds of ‘injuns’ d’ya come across in ya daily musings OGF?

d’ya recall the “partition of India?” - d’ya fink it could happen in Yorkshire?

Definitrly not !!

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It has already been partitioned - split from the three Ridings into four Yorkshire regions for the benefit of politicians. Yorkshire Day commemorates this blasphemy.


“They” may think so - those of us who live here know otherwise!

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