Marilyn Monroe

Today is the sixtieth anniversary of the death of the beautiful but vulnerable and ill-used Marilyn Monroe. There has been a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories surrounding her death - was she murdered, committed suicide, or an accidental overdose? Whatever was the cause, she remains, and will continue to be, an icon.

How she was usually depicted…


A photo showing her vulnerable side…



She was stunning. It was sad she died so young.

She had real curves and to me the perfect figure.

Loved Marilyn

I love that second picture of her…she was beautiful. I wonder what she would make of todays celebs, eh?

She’s truly scrumptious

I have a “Marilyn Monroe” wall on which hang many of the famous images including:

Then there’s the books, records, videos … :sunglasses:

I was, at one time, besotted … :heart_eyes:


I always think she was a needy troubled girl easily manipulated by greedy others , beautiful and I think kind . Gorgeous normal body no implants or plastic


A movie about Marilyn Monroe come out very soon on Netflix
Here is the trailer BLONDE | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

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Ah, my first love.

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Have never seen her act - so cannot comment on her talent - but she was certainly beautiful.

It’s probably good that she went when she did Judd, she wouldn’t have liked it here.
Probably would have fallen into the trap that many attractive women do as they age…Plastic surgery, botox, sparkling white teeth, reality TV, the media, bent politicians, women wanting to be men, and men wanting to be women and all stirred up by the internet…
This world is just shite!


She was beautiful though. Did you see the pictures of Joan Collins?

She does look a bit scary with all the work she’s had done but seems happy enough



Yes, beautiful, but not for me.

I prefer skinny rather than curvy.

What I seriously do not like is botox or cosmetic surgery.

I like lines, laughter lines, they tell a story.

A confident,articulate personality.

I am me.


Lip fillers and silicon boobs are definitely not attractive to me, neither are Kardashian bum fillers.

Joan Collins is revolting - too much ego and not much talent. She really showed herself up on ‘This is Your Life’ some years ago.

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The Prince and the Showgirl

Marilyn Munro and Lawrence Olivier - set in London during the coronation of King George V. Can you ever imagine casting Olivier and Munro together ? but what fun it was and I am sure they both enjoyed it in different ways. Marilyn is in tight dresses of course with all her bumps and protuberances
showing - this time a rather large stomach! but they just seem to be made for each other and act so well together - what fun they must have had?

If you like them both then this is a must see film?

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All was not as it seemed:

Production was marred with difficulties between Monroe and her costars and the production team. According to Jean Kent, Monroe “appeared dirty and dishevelled” and “never arrived on time, never said a line the same way twice, seemed completely unable to hit her marks on the set and couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything at all without consulting her acting coach, Paula Strasberg.” Kent claimed that her co-star Richard Wattis, who appeared in many scenes with Monroe, to “take to drink because takes had to be done so many times” and that Monroe had an uneasy relationship with the normally quiet and placid cinematographer Jack Cardiff, who said that Olivier referred to her as a “bitch.” Olivier also reportedly showed a strong dislike of Monroe and Strasberg, whom he evicted from the set at one point, causing Monroe to refuse to continue shooting until Strasberg returned. The relationship between Olivier and Monroe worsened when Olivier told her to “try and be sexy.” According to Kent, Olivier’s difficulties with Monroe caused him “to age 15 years.”

I can’t stand Olivier so I’ve only watched it once and found it unappealing.

Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn were much classier and they could act.

Actually so could Marilyn Monroe. Have a look at “Bus Stop”

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No - not heard of that one, Gumbud, but it does sound a strange pairing!

Good grief - that is rather caustic - puts me off looking for the film!

I have never seen her on screen so will look for that one, Bruce.