Local Fuel prices

I noticed when I was out yesterday, that petrol prices are creeping up again.

BP were the dearest (and always are), with their price at £1.50 per ltr for E.10
Tesco was £1.49.

The cheapest was a local garage offering the same petrol at £1.47.

Cars were beginning to queue again, like they did a few weeks back.
Think I will be using my bus pass more if this escalates.

What’s it like in your area?

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I think we should expect to see very unstable prices of fuel over the next few weeks Mupsy. And not just fuel, trouble in that region will affect other things also. It’s our fault for going global and not doing more to keep things local.

Having just picked up our car from the garage this morning we had to fill up, £1.46, at BP in Leeds, which is the same as our bp near us, did see a shell offering £1.50 for their unleaded, I don’t use supermarket fuel…

The ASDA where I go food shopping is 146p a litre. Don’t know about prices at other petrol stations.

Apparently BP have a 20% share in some Russian oil fields Primus, and are reluctant to cash them in…

Foxy, I’m sure many companies have connections to Russian business in some form or another,

Yes but ‘BRITISH’ petroleum Primus? It could even be our lads manning the front lines before long and the Russian tanks will have British fuel in them…Nice touch!

There’s not much British things left nowadays foxy

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Sainsbury’s West Sussex (coastal). I filled mine up earlier this week and DERV was £1.44-9 with E10 2 p less so I sent my wife out to fill the Suzuki up with E10. Neither of us cover high mileage these days so the full tanks will last several weeks. We choose Sainsbury’s as they do not insist on card purchase only.

Prices are about on par, Tesco I saw was 1-45, local fill up is 1-49 .

Diesel is $1.72 (86p) a litre at my local independent servo but it is the weekend so the highest prices of the weekly cycle.

They are talking of $2 a litre in a few weeks time,

To be honest I never look at the price. I always fill up at Tesco because I know they will be competitive and I get points on my loyalty card. A couple of pence a litre here and there doesn’t make much difference, and if you want to drive, you have got to have it.

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Our nearest Tesco do not have cashiers at the pump tills any longer, meaning faffing around with al that pay-at-the-pump malarkey. Sainsbury’s (oposite) on the other and have cashiers and a also they are consistently 1p less per litre than Tesco. The Nectar points ensure fuel loyalty and of course while paying for the fuel, many customers buy their papers etc at the same time. I always return with roses :rose::+1:

You are such a smoothy LongDriver but the roses were not necessary…I’ll still like you without the roses…
We’ve still got cashiers at our Tesco pumps (one or two are quite attractive for the older pump user) and I always pay with cash…

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Aww, Foxy :hugs::wink:
I have not filled up without taking a few roses home for my blondie since she retired. Would I go out of my way to buy a bunch? Probably not as the convenience of the filling station IS just that, convenient :ok_hand:

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Just heard on the lunchtime news that petrol is expected to reach £1.80 by the end of this month !!

It does seem to be increasing by leaps and bounds at the moment - I filled the car last Monday and it was £1.51 and then when I passed the same filling station on Friday it had risen to £1.59! So at that rate it will soon reach £1.80.

I had to pay £1.62 for petrol today, Margaret. :open_mouth:

it is hovering over $2 (£1) a litre here and there is real pressure on the Federal government to at least temporarily reduce the 44c excise

It’s hovering around that price here too Mups. Luckily I haven’t had to fill up again yet so am hoping the price might go down again before I do. It was on TV this evening that there is a possibility that the price will go down soon … I won’t hold my breath though!