Live - Mars Rover Landing on the 18th

On Thursday February 18th, NASA is broadcasting the Mars Perseverance rover landing around 2:55 Eastern Standard Time in the US.

The broadcast will be available on many formats. Details here:

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Should be worth watching - hope it all goes to plan.

I would like to watch that, anyone know what time it will be shown in UK?

8:30 PM in the UK, Mags. I am sure there will be talk up beforehand, and that time may not be precise.

Mars weather shouldn’t cause a flight delay, though :lol:.

Many thanks … I’ll be watching … :smiley:

Ooh that sounds like fun…I’ll be tuning in for sure!

I’ve got it pencilled in in my diary:-)

Thanks Surfermom, I’ll definitely remember that date, it’s my late Dad’s birth date.

Looking forward to it, hope it all goes well.

Coincidentally, the United Arab Emirates’ Hope mission has returned its first picture of Mars.

The spacecraft entered into an orbit around the Red Planet on Tuesday, making the UAE the first Arab nation in history to have a scientific presence at Earth’s near neighbour.

This first image will be followed by many similar such views of Mars.

Hope was put in a wide orbit so it could study the planet’s weather and climate systems, which means it also will see the planet’s full disk.

The image shows three shield volcanoes in a line, as well as Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the Solar System

Science fiction becoming fact. I get a little emotional about these things it is overwhelming how brilliant humans can be, thousands who never get any recognition making history. :038::038:

Brilliant! Thanks Surfer, that’s right up my strasse.

Exciting stuff…I’ll be tuning in while drinking Yorkshire tea and eating a mars bar to commemorate the occasion…:cool:

What a good idea Foxy. A Mars event for me too. :-p

Shall we synchronise?..:smiley:

Ooooo Yes! :mrgreen:

Exciting day today, I hope everything goes to plan …

It has already gone 2.30pm on the 18th in civilisation so I suspect it will not happen until tomorrow

I just checked - it is something like 7am AEDT on the 19th I doubt I will remember but if I do I will look on YouTube but someone will record it.

It takes the signal between 4 and 24 minutes to get from Mars to Earth depending where they are so it will be late anyway :slight_smile:

Your Aussie clock math is killing me :lol:!

All very exciting :slight_smile: I hope the mini helicopter performs well.

First samples have been analyzed so far Caramel, Nougat, Almonds and Chocolate have been found.:lol::wink: