Live from Rehabs Shed

Well here we are…in my shed, where I am undertaking a number of scientific experiments in order to solve a number of questions that have been, until now, unexplained.
First of all the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

It has been shown that the moon is moving away at a tiny yet measurable distance from the earth every year, about 4 cm per year…

If you do the maths you can calculate that 85 million years ago the moon was orbiting the earth at a distance of about 25 feet from the earth’s surface. :shock: ( you will need a calculator and a ruler to do the maths ok? )
This obviously explains the death of the dinosaurs. The tallest ones, anyway.
Another thing…

What happens if a big asteroid hits the Earth?

Judging from realistic simulations involving a sledge hammer and a common laboratory frog on the workbench in my shed I can tell you it will be pretty bad.:shock:

Thank you for reading, please comment or ask questions I am here most days except for Tuesdays which is Asda day.

Bit bored are we Rehab :lol:
Any cruelty to frogs - whether committed in private or public - will be reported immediately to the RSPCA and you will discover - you can run but you can’t hide, especially not in your shed - that’s the first place they will look.
Can’t Mrs Rehab find you something useful to do.

Hubby has a shed. I’m not sure what he gets up to in there, I’m sure it can’t be healthy :slight_smile:

It’s a Man Cave thing Summer!
They have to retreat now and again in order to ermmm…
contemplate stuff :mrgreen:
Oh and potter…and massage their bruised egos…and play with the hamster…You know that kind of stuff

And no the hamster is not an euphemism!

My hubby has one as well Summer, but I don’t dare go down there, it’s creepy - all sorts of strange implements and tools - heaven knows what they are all for and I never ask (just in case he tells me). :lol:

Ha that made me laugh!:044:

So funny Aerolor mine has stuff in there from the dark ages … just in case :slight_smile:

I have lots of ‘just in case stuff’ I keep them in a box labelled, ‘Just in case’ today besides my experiments I have been resorting my tools, I noticed with amazement that I have 3 dibbers:shock: you cant have enough dibbers I suppose.

The glossy art magazines have suffered from the damp, they will need replacing as a matter of priority…yes I am bored…I am at least 3 weeks behind on the gardening and I need a new greenhouse, it’s all go in Rehabs shed today

Men just faff around in sheds IMO.:mrgreen:

I’m bored too rehab I never posted so much here as the in the last week… I’m sure its true you can never have enough “dibbers” :slight_smile:

You never know when you might need a dibber, I have a wooden one which is quite nice, and a red plastic one it’s not my fav though…I think I am going stir crazy…

I had a shed before moving, downsizing. I wrote a piece of doggerel about it…

Scuse me Rehab44, I couldn’t resist it being as it may be years before another opportunity arises to hawk my verses round

At the bottom of my garden is my big green shed
When I bought it , it was a shade of cedar red
I soon tired of the cedar red colour
Cos it looked like a million other (sheds)
In this shed I had a chair
It was for me to sit in there.
For quite a while it housed my canaries
But , as you know, I’m quite contrary
Then it housed my many old tools
I didn’t use them, silly fool.
Now it’s full of odds and sods
Wife shakes her head and nods
As to what I’ll now use it for
Bearing in mind the now rotten floor
I’ve had it now for many years
Now on it’s last legs I fear
I think I’ll have to get rid of that (shed)
The meeces under it attract the cats
© RJ/2014

Oh a dibber isn’t the same thing as a dabber then?

I bet they have in the seclusion of your shed :105:

Are they like dib dib dob dob???

My wife ventured into the shed last week,all is not well since.

Has she returned?:shock:

I would suspect not. :lol:

My shed is grey, if I had 49 more I could write a story

Surely I can’t be the only female with a shed?

Mine is also full of tools and stuff being kept “just in case” :smiley:

Couldn’t get up to any experiments in there though, there’s not enough room what with the bike and the carpet shampooer, the spare hoover, the pressure washer and all the other treasure :shock: