Lions in South Africa

GG Conservation Glen Garriff

@Cinderella , Ooooerr ?? Summat wrong ??
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A Lion Sanctuary.
Glen Garriff is situated in the Harrismith area of the Free State province of South Africa.

Almost 1000 ha in size with breath taking vistas of the Eastern Free State, GG offers visitors a chance to unwind and relax within a stone’s throw of surrounding tourist and historical sites.

Currently under the ownership of the Shannon family, GG is operated as a successful tourism enterprise, incorporating Glen Garriff Lions NPC, a world renown non-profit sanctuary for lions.

….” Our mission is to love, protect and preserve the magnificent lions in our care”

The first lions were introduced to Glen Garriff in 2002, 100 years after the last two wild lions were hunted down on Platberg Mountain in 1902. In 2015, Glen Garriff Lions NPC was registered as a non profit company committed to the sustainability of the African lion population in South Africa and to the enhancement of the study, learning and understanding of the species.

There are currently more than 70 lions under our care and live out the duration of their lives in our sanctuary.

GG Conservation has a very wide social media reach, with followers on Instagram and Facebook numbering in the hundred of thousands. It is through these channels that most fund raising for the NPC is done, making GG Conservation a sustainable and self funding division of the greater Glen Garriff enterprise.

@Cinderella ,. That sounds like one of the many private game parks in
SA. Cinders ?
At only 1000 hectares though it is yoo small to contain 70 hunting lions
unless supplementary feeding is implemented !!
It cant compare with Kruger park which is approx the size of Wales ??
It will probably provide a luxury stay though !!
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Not likely to go there, found some stunning videos on YouTube.

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@Cinderella , Yeah, l bet !!
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Thank you for that video Cinderella, it was lovely to see that they are trying to save these lions. :smiley:

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You’re welcome, Twink55.

I love all cats, but I only take in small cats. :rofl:

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A great video of the lions Cinderella - thank you!

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Not so different from domestic cats, the closest I want to be!

Have you discovered Africam, @Cinderella? You see livestreams of the bush in real time, and sometimes you get big cats on there…as well as zebra’s, monkeys etc

Lovely, lovely creatures - thank you, Cinderella!

Needless to say this made my day. Gosh I’m in such awe of these magnificent creatures. No other creature on earth compares to them in my lion loving eyes.
Thank you for sharing

So majestic looking aren’t they, especially the males.
I think Tigers and Lions are beautiful looking animals.
I would love to be able to touch one, and stroke it and see what their coats really feel like.

Can’t answer for Lions as I have never been lucky enough to touch one - but Tigers fur feels surprisingly silky. Like most cats - they like their ears scratched.

No animal should be kept in captivity! I’ve seen some of these so called ‘sanctuaries’. These animals are fenced in and not allowed to roam freely.


@PixieKnuckles have now many thanks.

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The article from 2017, if things were as bad as alleged surely it would have been closed down.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the UK.