Justin Welby controversial speech in House of Lords

A perfect example of why we need reform. Not the first time he has been critical of things that he knows little about.

As a one time oil baron, he seems to me just going through the motions without and convictions and definitely without knowing how the person in the street feels about anything. It’s time he was replaced or the position eliminated altogether🤬

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Indeed Boot, but in this case he makes a valid point.

This article may be more to your liking.


It’s that old “Humanity” dilemma.

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I heard part of Justin Welby’s speech about the Rwanda Policy and I agree with what he said about the Immigration Policy on shipping people out to Rwanda.
I also agree with him about the need to provide safe legal routes for asylum seekers at the same time as tackling and closing the unsafe people smuggling routes used by criminal gangs.

I don’t believe that the Rwanda Policy is the “overwhelming will of the people” - YouGov polls have shown that the majority of people polled don’t agree with it and an even bigger majority of people polled don’t think it will work.

He should butt out! We have a fine record of allowing people to come to this country legally but we MUST stop people coming illegally.

I know lots of our young people who would love to settle in other countries but they can’t just rock up and expect to be allowed in. My nephew went to Australia twice on work permits but wasn’t allowed to stay although he would have loved to. Their country, their rules! Why can’t we be the same?


Justin Welby has done more damage to CofE than Hitler did…

The Ruwanda policy is a non starter .
But we can’t keep on allowing floods of illegal immigrants to cheat the system in this way especially when they are coming from safe countries ie Albania
No one from Albania should be allowed into the U.K. on this basis .
Illegal immigration causes an enormous drain on public funds .Accommodating the needs of endless numbers of poor, unskilled illegal entrants undermines the quality of education, healthcare and other services of people in the U.K. who have to live with the consequences ,their concerns too have to be considered
The whole refugee system is outdated .
It’s was made in a different time when displaced people who had suffered in the aftermath of WW11 needed refuge .
It no longer suits the purpose of todays world


Welby is sucking up to the hard left, the very people that want to get rid of him and his mate King Charles.

Welby has to go.

A sensible and considered opinion as far as I’m concerned Muddy.

No doubt there are many who would vehemently disagree.

You do realise that you are talking about two different things? One is about escaping the horrors of a decimated country and seeking asylum in another country (a legal right btw) and the other is about simply moving to live and work in another country. The UK, like all countries, has rules and limits on the latter.

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Why on he earth, he being a clergyman, get or have anything to do with politics. he should keep his nose out of it

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Are there not 12 bishops who sit in the House of Lords, including the bishop of Canterbury? Kind of difficult to avoid politics when one sits in the upper chamber of parliament, is it not? So not just his nose but his body, mind and conscience should lean fairly well into political discourse I would have thought.

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I was merely illustrating that we can’t just say we want to live in some country and expect them to look after us.

When my son went to the US on business he had to provide details of his work, where he would be staying, how long he would be staying etc.

Anyway, Albania is a safe country, in fact this year it is a popular holiday destination. Others pass through countless safe countries to get to the UK.

I fully agree with about Albanian migrants. These do seem to primarily be economic migrants and therefore should adhere to the visiting rules (visas etc. as you describe). Asylum seekers from Syria, Libya and other war torn countries are surely very different.

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Why do they not seek asylum in nearby Arab countries ?
Of course many do but Syria / Libya etc are a long way to come to seek asylum

I read that 70% of refugees stop in camps in adjacent countries. Then most do not go that far further. For example, Turkey has about 3.7 million refugees and Pakistan has 1.5 million. Then, those who travel further, most stop in countries before they get to the UK. So Germany has 2.2 million refugees. Each year France takes approx 400,000 refugees, Italy takes 200,000.
I hope that answers your question. Do share the numbers for the UK if you have them.

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Yes but look at the SIZE of all those countries you mention. In comparison we are a tiny country. :cry:

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You just gotta luv Christians…and their politics, it’s the reason why god invented lions