Just finished this dolly for my daughter's birthday

I’ve just finished this dolly for my daughter’s birthday, she likes gardening.

I have a huge amount of fat quarters and some patterns from the charity shop, during Lockdown I’ve been trying to use some up.

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That doll is very cute, Tess. How did you make her?

Wow Tess, love that! Really different - well done! :smiley:

Oh yes, I’d love to know how you made her too.

That’s lovely, Tess :-). Very different and clever, I would also be interested in how you made her… :smiley:

She is so pretty, TessA!

I remember all those wonderful hats you used do for the Steampunk do’s.
That doll is a great piece of creative work too, you never lost the touch Twiz.

By the way, what are fat quarters? Can one get them at the butchers?:confused:

Brilliant Tess. you are very clever. i have no idea what fat quarters are though

Thanks chums, she was simple to make, two pieces of dowel with a cotton cloth head. A bit of fake hair. The clothes are made from simple rectangles of cotton fabric (Aldi fat quarters), hands and feet wooden beads. Wooden heart shape for base. All sewn and glued with a hot glue gun.
The basket is a bit of sacking with plaited string handle, flowers a few from some lace stuck onto wire. The hat is a circle of felt stretched over a bottle cap when wet.

I’ll post another tomorrow.

Fat quarters are a quarter of a metre of fabric for quilt making.

Thanks Tess. you might have explained that to me before. :blush:

Yes, I did! Tsk! :lol:

My head is made of fat quarters. :lol::lol:

A beautiful design Tessa and very :-)well made and sewn


You are a clever old gal Tess. :slight_smile:

I hope your daughter likes her.
You’ll have to call her Ava if she’s a gardener!

(Oh dear, alright, I’m going). :smiley:


Made for a friends birthday.

That’s very good Tess, I’m sure your friend will love it. :038:

Thanks Mags, used up some of my buttons! :slight_smile:

… and a hidden belly button, Tess? :smiley:

Not telling. :wink:

It’s another 1990’s pattern from the charity shop, the pattern is called, “Leg of Buttons” hence the button legs. (American folk arty)

That’s a brilliant idea Tess … especially the knobbly knee :smiley: