Journey to a Far Land

Yes, but although I have a shoddy shed I’m no good at heroic stuff. Also loads of lines wouldn’t suit me at all, cos I don’t do C cept on every second Wednesday after loosing in the under 21 aquatic triathlon. Anyway I’ve always wanted to be a hat!!

I know; keeping up a full head of steam is harder work than it looks. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll help if I can, but I’ve had a posting limit imposed on me, for reasons of public safety, apparently. :thinking:

Well Vlad the Inhaler…
I have been to a lot of places, some exotic, some mundane. But I loved roaming in hills in Scotland with my dog.

First you need to sort out your headquarters, and Maver-rik’s shed could have been custom designed for the job. It projects exactly the image this project deserves. :neutral_face:

Cabin girl? It’s frisky, risky but fun?

Good man, welcome aboard.

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Stick with me, the plot thickens…

An update on tge cast and crew
The cast and crew of this Saga.

The hero, Captain and chosen one… Position filled…Vlad.

A safari guide loads of lines and heroic stuff … Would suit someone with a shed in disrepair. Position filled…Maver-rick

A cabin girl a few lines and a sex scene with a pirate and the chosen one…Position filled…Eliza

A ship’s Navigator, must be good with maps and stuff and have their own ruler. Position filled…summer

A Squid… not many lines…in fact none, but has a small part in mid Atlantic, Position filled …butterscotch

A tribal chief… One of the main characters. A shedfull (sorry) of lines… Available

A tribal princess… would suit a lady of a certain age who wishes she was 16 … again. Available

A penguin, good part for a character actor who is on the short side, loads of lines, possible Oscar nomination Position filled…Pixie knuckles and her dog…

A Carmen Miranda hat, a non-speaking role Position filled Carmen Miranda has claimed the hat

A muscular but thick baddie who dies tragically, Position filled…Psmith

A Shaman, would suit someone into aroma therapy and all that transcendental stuff Position filled …Fat Kev

A cast of thousands… would suit thousands. Available

:rofl:, Im lost for words , …

You will be…:rofl:

I don’t mind being the navigator as long as I can have a Sat Nav :slight_smile:

As this is just a story I don’t mind dying tragically and I can do thick.

And I could make a failed attempt to save your life. :thinking:

Outstanding you are elected to the position bring a ruler…and a pencil …and a Boy Scout it’s a little know fact that if you throw a Boy Scout to the ground his woggle will point North

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ok as long as there’s no mouth-to-mouth resuscitation involved.

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I like a bloke who is willing to give his life for his producer and director…the job is yours.

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staggers under the weight of backpack & dog

Right, so…what’s left? Story of my life…apply for jobs and they all get swiped from under me nose. :frowning_face:

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ARRRGGGHHH !!! and Gulp!!!
They could be some of my lines ?

Particularly if you throw in a Girl Guide.

Pixie Knucles…Did I miss your application? No bugger mentioned a dog