Joe Wicks

Is it just me or does he get ON your wick? :cry:

No. Never heard of him until you mentioned him.

Another celeb I had to google to find out who he was.

yes defo he like the annoying itch you cant reach :071:

Look at all you men complaining! :lol:
I suspect a lot of younger ladies like him.

Are you a bit envious of his female fan club? :lol:

Seriously, I think he means well and seems to think the world of his family.

I feel a bit sorry for him in a way, because didn’t he suffer from depression or have a bit of a breakdown not long ago?
He was being interviewed recently, and looked close to tears.

Maybe that is why he throws himself into his exercises so much?

did anyone see him on this morning the other week when apparently he farted badly and ruptured or torn a leg ligament?? i found that so funny as never heard of that one before …

hes ok but just goes on a bit to much for me:-)

I didn’t like him when he was in Eastenders!..:009:

I’m so glad someone has mentioned this as I thought he’d become the new hero of the UK!

I’ve been doing a couple of workouts every morning and one of his over 50’s 20 minute stretches. The exercises are fine but he doesn’t stop rattling on about “senior and elderly people”…it’s SO irritating! I came very close to writing to him to say how nauseating it is to be referred to like that.
Perhaps we should nominate a label for him!!!

I’m sure he is a good guy but he is plastered all over the newspapers and TV. Overkill I suppose.

Anyone jumping around on tv, looking all fit is annoying when I’m trying to eat my cake. :shock:

I don’t know who he is. I could google him, but I don’t want to risk having him on my wick.

My DD and family do his work outs every morning and seem to like him ,suppose anything is better than nothing .
Personally am to lazy to bother lol,lol

Candle in the wind. Geddit? :lol:

He’s not my type Mups :lol: but I could take over his fan club if he gets inundated. :lol:

I’ve never watched him on TV. Get with Mr Motivator, he doesnt rattle on about seniors and old fogies coz he’s on himself but a fit one I might add

I tried Mr Motivator yesterday - what a refreshing change! His cheerfulness is infectious, so I’m staying with him…and a yoga course too.


What yoga course? One on you tube Lindy?

Hi LQ. Yes, on youtube. 30 days yoga with Adriene. Certainly starts off very gently. Will see how it goes… :cool: