Jasmine Hartin case

At the end of its program on Saturday night, CBS’ ’48 Hours’ aired a promo featuring Hartin, at least one Belizean television reporter and members of Senior Superintendent Henry Jemmott’s family debating whether his death in May was an accident or murder. Hartin is charged with manslaughter by negligence and remains out on bail.

’48 Hours’ is one of the primary newsmagazine programs focusing on true crime and the second oldest ahead of NBC’s Dateline and behind ABC’s 20/20. It’s programming has been used to convict accused criminals, most notably Jodi Arias of Arizona for murder.

The program airs Saturday night at 10 p.m. U.S. Eastern time, 8 p.m. Belize time.

A pre-trial trial ?

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I try to watch 48 Hours whenever I can. It is a well presented and factual program.

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I shall look forward to the reviews then … :+1:

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I think she is innocent of murder probaby both were drunk or high . Handling guns under such circumstances is a recipe for disaster


Never heard of her and why would I, but a quick Google has convinced me she is innocent afterall she is a socialite? :smiley:

She has only come to public attention because her ex partner is Lord Ashcrofts son .
Lord Ashcroft is practically Lord of Belize ( he actually wanted that title ) he is a big Tory donar.
Socialite is how the paper describe her and that means she doesn’t work and had children with a rich mans son but she also was known in Belize for drinking at local bars
However it’s doesn’t make her guilty of murder lots of people are killed handling guns .
Including well known figures .
The king of Spain and the former king of Thailand among them ( both had brothers who died in gun accidents ) shot by their own brothers .


Just read the story from 48 Hours and come on she is guilty as hell. Her story on how she fired the fatal shot is ridiculous and far fetched.
The victim is allegedly teaching her how to unload and load the pistols magerzine which for some unfathomable reason she was doing whilst behind him, really?

But I have no doubt she will get off.

I don’t think it’s implausible .
I knew of a very sad case where a father shot his own 10 year old son while showing him how to handle guns . He was arrested for murder too ( he was also the son of a prominent man man ) he loved his child and was destroyed by the accident . Sadly people do mess with guns when they should not she and the man involved had been drinking it was the worst of all scenarios .

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But she was doing it from behind the man, the man who was supposed to be teaching her?
No matter how much you have had to drink this is blatantly implausible. I accept people ar killed in gun accidents but the circumstance of this ‘accident’ are unbelievable.
If she had shot him in the chest it might be believable, but not behind the ear.

They were both sat on the edge of a pier probably out of their heads .
I lived in Belize for two years and it’s something I can imagine happening very easy .
People in the tropics like to play with guns and shoot each other quite regularly.
The difference here is that this woman has been in a relationship with the son of a very well known man .

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To shoot him in the back of the head, behind the ear she had to be behind him.
Not sure that being drunk should be a get out of jail free card either if that was the case are prisons would be less full.

She could have been sat next to him and the gun went off .
She hasn’t been tried yet it will interesting to see the verdict .
I know that Belize prison quite well - as a visitor not an inmate and it’s full to the gunnels!

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As an ex-juror, I find it “fascinating” that those without full knowledge of the facts are more than willing to convict without trial … :roll_eyes:


So the ‘full facts’ did not come out in the much vaunted '48 Hours interview?
I wonder what other facts will be revealed in the trial, cannot wait?

AFAIK, “the much vaunted ‘48 Hours interview’” has not been broadcast yet.

I know nothing about this woman, don’t even recognize her name. This is a positive for me, as I have no knowledge of the crime, the circumstances,or history of such.
I worked in Major Crimes at our State Troopers HQ here in New York State (as a civilian), pouring over old unsolved crimes, looking for details or clues missed. It was fascinating.
So, I shall enjoy a new criminal puzzle when I watch 48 Hours, using a neutral eye. :+1:

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She’s not famous for anything and the case has only hit the headlines because she is the former partner of Lord Ashcrofts son and they share two children

One report I read spoke of worldwide coverage, first I had heard of her was here, nothing on the BBC ITV or Channel 4 so not quite worldwide though to be fair the Americans interpretation of worldwide differs from the rest of us. :grinning:

Though, to be fair, perhaps the reader misread the info at the top of the screen. :grin:

I have just watched 48 Hours, with Jasmine seeming to enjoy the limelight. Very strange demeanor for someone who, by her own admission, pulled the trigger and killed a very good friend. Out on a pier after midnight together, dark, she claims this cop began showing her how to put a clip in a glock gun. No cop would ever do that when drinking, in darkness. She also had been drinking, and she had cocaine in her posession.

Not once did she directly offer condolences for his children or sister. She was more concerned about playing the poor victim in that her partner wouldn’t allow her to see her children. She had several videos made on her cell phone, asking to see the kids.
My opinion? She was inebriated, on drugs, and oops, she shot him accidentally. That lady should be charged with manslaughter, 1st degree, and put behind bars. No remorse, no conscience, no accountability for her actions.