ITV UK : Harry: The Interview : What time, channel and how to watch?

What time is Harry: The Interview on tonight on ITV?

Harry: The Interview is set to see him share details of the Duke and Duchess’s strained relationship with King Charles and Prince William as well as why they decided to leave.

In the UK, Harry: The Interview will be shown on ITV on Sunday, January 8 at 9pm.

The show will last until 10.40pm with presenter and journalist Tom Brady conducting the interview that took place in the Prince’s California home.

The interview follows the royal couple’s recently released Netflix documentary, Harry and Meghan, which told the story of their relationship and is the first time the Prince has spoken out in this way since the couple’s groundbreaking interview with Oprah in 2021.

There is no doubt that the furore over Harold’s ghost-written memoir will induce the curious to give this “promotion” a viewing - I will not be one of them. I will, however, be reading the subsequent reviews … :newspaper:

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Oh good, now I know how to avoid it!

Is there anyone else who is completely tired of hearing all this bilge?


Count me in !

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Yes I am also sick sorry and tired of the crap Harry spouts , he should be exiled

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Simple - just ignore him and you will not be bothered about what he says.

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I won’t be watching either, whatever he says will be plastered all over my newspaper tomorrow anyway!


No thanks. Now the queen and duke of Edinburgh have gone the royal family are struggling to stay relevant and Harry’s not exactly helping matters. Got a feeling he’s being led by some people close to him.


With the cost of electricity why would anyone waste money on the spoilt little "yes wife,no wife three bags full ( of it } wife.

I will watch the Interview because I’d rather hear the whole conversation for myself, in context, so I can draw my own conclusions, rather than read second-hand versions of it in the mainstream media with reviews from “opinion columns”, “royal experts” and “royal correspondents” to tell me what was said and how to interpret it.

I am sick of hearing about Harry and his book now but that’s because the media have been banging on about it for ages and now they’re pushing quotes from the book in front of us morning, noon and night - and they’ll probably do it all over again when the book is released in a couple of days.

I wasn’t planning to read the book but, to be honest, I think I’d rather just read the book and get it over with in one go instead of this avalanche of news bulletins about “what Harry did and what Harry said next” - shock, horror, then along come all the opinions from “royal experts” and “royal correspondents” to explain what they think this means and what the royal family may be thinking - enough already!


I admire your commitment … let us have your opinion … :+1:

Yep I’ll be watching


Fortunately I am in the old ITU ward, no TVs at all.

I will be watching Silent Witness on the iPlayer on my phone.

That’s fair enough. I’m just not interested period, context or otherwise.

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Will also be avoiding, have no interest in hearing anymore poor me stuff.

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I’m just so cross that Midsomer Murders has been dropped for the interview! Grrrrr. :rage::rage:

Dog walk/Happy Valley for me then.

Are you back in hospital Swims ?

I have had enough of it and that’s just the radio4 news.
As for buying the book or tuning into a TV whingefest NO .


Unfortunately yes.amd

Some of my medication has stopped working effectively.

This was always going to happen, just arrived somewhat sooner than predicted.

The blood pressure in my left arm is fine , last one 138/87, right arm was 81/55, which is not good.

I am on a high dose of oral morphine every 4 hours day and night and 24 pills and one injection daily.

All good fun and I am still telling my stupid jokes.

These are like the Boris Johnson threads, the Harry/Meghan whingefest is taking over the forum.

I’ve been watching because of this thread…I blame Omah for a loss of x minutes from my life!

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