Issuing permits

there is a trend to issue permits for things like fishing-parking and many more. I have to ask if this is legal. Why? because it is discrimination between those that have and those that do not and can’t get.
As I understand it discrimination in any form is breaking the law and issuing permits breaks that law

If you are using a car park …somebody else’s property then why shouldn’t you pay it’s not discrimination, also it prevents cars outstaying their welcome.
As for fishing , waterways have to be maintained & restocked.
I believe water bailiffs are paid a wage? Although I’m not sure the permit covers that. Like most sports there’s a charge to use the facilities


I posted this to try and liven up discussions and create a bit of different view points. 2022 was getting a bit stuck with same issues so thought lets kick off 2023 with a bit if excitement

:+1:t2: …brill idea

I’ve seen no evidence of such a “trend” … :man_shrugging:

Thanks right. We are charged for parking and the right to fish ( licence ) which includes what types, when , how and how many?

The lakes and rivers are well stocked and maintained which costs. It’s worth the price and the fish are somewhat protected

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So, is “fishing-parking” the sole ‘trend’ … :question:

Everyone will need a smartphone in the future to download apps for fishing, parking, proof of vaccination/medical history, and to access their bank accounts. Without a smartphone you will technically be a nobody and will be discriminated against.

No, that is not the case, you misunderstand the discrimination law, it is very specific.

I am not familiar with the UK law but in NSW they you cannot discriminate on the grounds of only these things:

  • sex
  • disability
  • race
  • Age
  • Marital or Domestic Status
  • Homosexuality
  • Gender Identity

You cannot claim discrimination on any other grounds no matter how you might personally feel about it otherwise the courts would be cluttered up with left handed people or red heads for example. I would say that the UK Law, if not exactly the same, is very similar.

I don’t think smartphone access is the OP’s issue - it seems to be “fishing-parking” permits.

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You don’t need a smart phone for to get a fishing licence or parking permit. You don’t need a smart phone to go fishing or park your car. You don’t even have to be vaccinated to go fishing or park your car nor do you need a smart phone to do banking or be vaccinated.

I’m not sure what a smart phone has to do with this topic.

And fishing/parking permits is exciting? I must be missing something

Not yet you don’t…Watch this space!

Thinking about the relevance of smartphones to the topic…
The UK government could make some substantial funds here…
When you consider all the revenue they will lose if everyone buys an electric vehicle and stops smoking, and no longer has to pay the extortionate rate of duty on fuel and cigarettes…
They could issue permits and/or licence the use of smartphones…Everyone must buy a licence or permit, to be able to use a smartphone and access the internet. In that way, if you post illicit and abusive material on social media etc, you will have your licence revoked and be fined…


Firstly, I assumed we were talking about the here and now. Secondly, I have other things to do than watch ‘this space.’

Eventually the human species will destroy so much of this planet that they will cease to exist but not any time soon . We could go there too if you’d like . :crazy_face:

LOL and double LOL!!
One permit I did find somewhat rousing was the Local Residents Town Parking. Permit.
When the Town Council raised town parking charges from a reasonable few pence price to something extortionate, most residents became very arsey! This lead to representations and to overcome charging everyone to park in town, a new £2 annual permit was issued just for residents and now all the grockles have to pay many £s to park in town and along the sea front. . quite right too :+1::clap:

While I hate the idea of our freedom being fringed upon, licensing internet users initially , is a good idea. It would stall predators benefitting from others. It would make those wishing to hide in the ‘dark web’ more difficult.

Unfortunately humanity, as a species, are greedy. Whatever advances can be made to benefit mankind, there will always be a polar opposite ; meaning there will always be predators wishing to take advantage of others who will find a way to by pass this .

Just look at the concept of personal ID’s. It’s very possible for people to get fake ID’s. Unfortunately many are killed for this, often by their own friends or family. Just kill off Aunt Jean and collect her cheques for another 20 years and that’s just the start. Another great idea made to protect mankind gone bad.

We can’t escape the dark side of humanity. Thanks to the internet, this dark side is ‘that’ much closer.

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God! Where on earth do you live? all these murdered old folks collecting their pension? Must be hell out there.

NSW is the only state that requires a fishing licence (under 18s and pensioners are exempt) but, because of an historical anomaly the Victorian/NSW border doesn’t run down the centre of the Murray River (like most, if not all, river borders) but on the southern bank, Victorians need a NSW Fishing Licence to fish in it.

And where do you live that you haven’t heard of such things happening? Somewhere over the Rainbow? :upside_down_face:

It happens everywhere that people inhabit which means globally/internationally.

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