Is someone being Conned

Was/is the world conned by the Art world? Are paintings by Jackson Pollock really great works of Art worth millions. I’d even question other greats and the valuations placed on their so called modern Art

Yes some of these works are colourful eye catching……. But compared to some young Artists today of no real recognition, with a skill of painting that can resemble a photograph, but have no great value, why.

Could/is Art be just an investment manipulated over the years by great PR with expensive purchases by the wealthy, automatically increases other said signed works to masterpiece with a ridiculous valuation

Fashion…. Seems we pay more for Names/Labels which don’t necessary mean quality

Are Michelin Star restaurants/Chefs with their high prices a con taking advantage of the Well to do in society who want impress

Art is ( reputably ) worth whatever someone wants to pay for it .

Yes, but critics of the Art world value works at £millions not for buying but for selling

Muddy I seen post complimenting your paintings, so I assume you are a talented Artist

So could you give an opinion of Jackson Pollocks spills and drips worth £millions, and tell me you couldn’t the same

I am no art critic, but I know what I like & most of the modern so called great art goes way over my head. Went to the Tate in St Ives a few years ago, there wasn’t one painting I actually liked. Some of the other art was OK though. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think they are good .but I think they could be easily reproduced by other people.
You can say this about almost any painting.
Jackson Pollack was the first of the American abstract painters for that reason his work is worth millions to collectors .

Personally, I have never understood why in todays world you would want a painting of something that is only really a painted photo. Surely art is like the difference between a real drummer & a drum machine. You want that added human input, that off beat that you cannot get with a photo or a drum machine.

And yes of course art is a con, that is why both are called artists.

About 2 years ago, we visited the national gallery for the first time in years. You can walk into a room with millions of pounds worth of art in it, but some draw you to them.

I agree I don’t like photo realism you may as well just get a blow up copy of a photo .


If yer gonna pay for summat, it ain’t art.

Not sure what you mean…are you saying you shouldn’t pay an artist? :joy:


I remember once being told that David Shepherd was more an illustrator than an artist…have to say I wondered what the difference was…David Shepherd is the artist who is famous for his Elephant and wildlife paintings…he also paints trains.

They should be Fed and Watered of course. :grinning:

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There is no difference most illustrators are artists . David Shepherd was a wonderful artist .



He is in one of his cat amongst the pigeons moods Muddy :slight_smile:

Spitty! Starving artists and all that…its art!! Artists get the same feeling as you do when you ride your :bike:
Pay for the painting!! :joy:

Why is it if I spray some paint on someone’s wall I’d get arrested on a graffiti charge, but if someone called banksy does it its feted and sold for millions.:man_shrugging:t2:

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His has something to say…political, a message.

And he’s Banksy.

Its all in a name :roll_eyes:

People who go to “prestigious schools of art” are more financially successful than those who don’t.

Having said that, I’m not sure if Banksy went to art school…Ack, i don’t know, he’s just Banksy…