Is life too long?

A great many of us never thought about the future when we were young.
I remember when I received my first pay packet at 15 years of age in 1977.
On it was my retirement date, 2027. Wow, that seemed like a hundred years away.
Why would I need to think about saving for my retirement?
I come from a working class family, my father was the earner, that is what he done. He earned enough money to raise, house, feed and educate five children.
He gave no advice. He let his children make their own way. Plenty of mistakes were made.
He said that is how one learns to live life. Mistakes had to be made to grow.
Personally, I never even started to think about saving for retirement until well into my forties.
My life, without advice, saw me squander all of my income, every week.
Not until I came out of my 30 year drunken stupor did I finally start to take notice of the world. What I saw was wickedness.
So many people out to con/scam a person.
Life in these situations can seem too long.
Day after day of drudgery, working to live, working to save enough for when the senior years arrive.
I am still working and will be still working for another six years
Working to have a little money behind me. Enough to be able to afford petrol for an occasional trip out into the Aussie bush.

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Least you’re living in Perth Australia one of the best places for retired people in the world .
You’ll be ok .:slightly_smiling_face:

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I sure hope so. I have gotten serious about saving money the last few years so I have a little behind me.
I have 6 years to save more for retirement.

Life is definitely not too long.

I have been retired for 16 years so far (at 60) but I should have retired earlier (hindsight is a wonderful thing). There is just so much to do and so little time in which to do it, still don’t know how I found time to have a job.

Australia is a great place for a very comfortable retirement as long as you own your house.


We started to renovate properties in our 50s to make sure we had enough money for a comfortable retirement…the property bug got us though and now we do it just because it keeps us active and thinking …I think the worst thing you can do is retire and stop…dont do that find something that inspires you…keep going :slight_smile:

As long as I’m healthy and active I want to live forever

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I have a Little Behind, me, it’s all that walking :icon_wink:

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My father retired and died within 18 months. I think it was through boredom and inactivity.
He drank himself to an early grave.

You so funny :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There was a serious period but, everyone took the piss so that was that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Too long? Absolutely NOT!! I’m now past 80 with hopefully many more years to arrive in my inbox. I retired at 60 and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the past 20+years. I have a decent income from pensions and other sources, so I have all the material needs an 80+ retiree could possibly require …what’s not to like apart from my ever-complaining aging body. The day I am unable to play my instruments will be the day I might rethink this question as its my music that drives me down in my studio workshop :guitar::musical_keyboard::musical_note::musical_score::notes::control_knobs::headphones::guitar:

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I agree LD, i too am in my 80’s and still travel alone to India, i often smile wondering what the seventeen year old me would think of my life, so far.
i have always been a socialist plus i am sociable and can chat to anyone, ive been going ti India for about 18 years i think, unlike others i dont have much money so i am careful i have fishing gear in India but havent realy been fishing, its a solitary sport, but i dont feel confident being on the riverbank alone, not many folks realise it but there are crocs in those rivers, then there are snakes that you or i dont know about…lol… not to mention leopards, there are lots of leopards, i havent seen one and i hope non have seen me…then the wonderful riger. a female and its cubs tracks were found just over five miles away, the a few days later a big males tracks were found following them, gulp…
years ago when i first went there with my second wife we were going out for a wander, i waslacing up my trainers, and she smiled and said “trainers?” i nodded and told her there were tigers in India, she laughed “i doubt you can outrun a tiger” i smiled “i dont have to outrun the tiger”… lol… we got divorced.


1st of May and I have tentatively? started eating better?
Well, this morning’s breakfast is porridge instead of the usual Sausage and Egg muffin from Maccas.
My weight is 80kg on the dot.
Let’s see what it is one week from now.


Bet you’ve got a substantial stash of Rupees. :icon_wink:

How tall are you, perspective is everything!

i have ten thousand rupees in my Indian wallet [about a hundred quid]
and i am over six foot…

I was enquiring Bretricks weight!

Yes! For myself, “ Life is too long.”:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
This getting old stuff is for the birds.
I hate it.

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Some believe that you are not actually unhappy,you just think you are.
I’m still working on that one.

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It could be shortened to Lif

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i weighed myself this morning 17st 2 pounds i have no idea what that is in kilometers…
sitting alone from one day to the next is a punnishment.
some old folks use their bus pass and travel into town and sit in the Frenchgate/Arndale centre just to stay warm then put their heating on at night, then the hope to chat to whoever sits next to them, but some cant start a conversation, you should always start with a question that requires an answer…