Introducing MURTAGH

(pronounced Merta - as fans of Outlander will know :-p)
It is a Gaelic name and means something like Navigator of the seas.

We collected him on Wednesday and he has made such a good start. The one and a half hour car journey back didn’t phase him - slept most of the way but was a little sick as we arrived home. He is just over 8 weeks old and is a Cockerpoo, (Poodle dad, Spaniel Mum).

He is already responding to a little basic training, sit etc and is doing his business in the garden. I have sectioned off a little area for him with his own parasol to keep the sun off him.

I slept on the sofa the first night ( I use the term slept, lightly), he was awake about every hour and a half for a wee or a play but we came to an understanding in the end. My biggest problem was remembering where I had put everything like poo bags and wipes, so when Mrs LD came in the room the next morning, she said it looked like a bomb had gone off. We were both asleep on the sofa, me sitting bolt upright. Last night was much better, he only awoke three times.

Nothing seems to bother him, loud noises, motorbikes, vacuum cleaner but the cats are keeping their distance at the moment. If I leave the room, he only whines for a minute, then settles down.

Had his first injection today so he has been sleeping it off in the garden… as was I. Had his first MOT too and all seems to be working as it should be including his microchip.

Anyway here are few pics, I’m sure there will be more to follow. :-p

It’s been a long day.

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He is very sweet, but what do the cats think of him?

They are a little bit wary at the moment although they seem to be coming around a bit. It’s why we chose a Cockerpoo because they are known for getting along with everyone including cats. Obviously we are having to make lots of fuss every time we walk past them.

No fights though… :-p

oh my goodness, he is so cute, I want to steal him from you. I look forward to hearing about his future antics as I’m sure there will be many.

Lovely name too.

If I know cats I reckon they will be the boss lol

Hopefully. I want the cats to be the boss tbh. :023:

Utterly adorable!!! Enjoy, and good luck with him.

He’s a real cutie LD, I love everything about him. :smiley:

He seems to have settled in with you well and I’m sure you and Mrs LD will have lots of fun with him over the years to come.

He’s lovely LD, and so like my Dageus was as a baby. I hope he has a long and happy life with you.
PS, I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes for the Gaelic names lol.

What a beaut welcome to the forum Murtagh. :smiley: You have a friend for life there LD they are a wonderful breed, but try not to babysit for too long or he will never get the hang of the nights… :wink:

Great little fella mate. But you should have called him Tom Scholtz :cool:

He is lovely, Dongles. I hope Olivia and Tirzah approve.

Thanks Jazzi. :-p

Thanks Mags, if anything we will get more exercise. :-p

How lovely LD :slight_smile: I do detect a naughty glint in the eyes so fun and games ahead I think :mrgreen:

I hope you have many happy years with Murtagh…:slight_smile:

Thanks Rox. As soon as we heard the name Murtagh we knew it made a good doggy name. :-p

Aw! He’s beautiful LD!
My daughter is a dog walker and her favourites are the Cockerpoos!

Thanks Barry. Yes I was just saying that very thing. I think he seems to be Ok on his own so might give it a try tonight or tomorrow night. Any Cockerpoo tips are welcome. :lol::lol:

Oh well done longy he’s a beaut.

Be a bit strict, they love and respect you all the more.

I’ll have him doing bar chords by the end of the month. :-p

thanks tabby.

Murtagh and Tirzah just had an unavoidable meeting in the hall and all went well, I think they even had a little kiss. :-p