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And the red centre of Oz was covered by sea,a long time ago though.


Lady Godiva allegedly rode naked around the city of Coventry, naked, on a horse in protest against the heavy taxes levied by her husband on the ordinary folk.

There is no proof that she did, nor proof that she did not ride naked; however, the term naked also referred to a Lady not wearing a veil. It is possible therefore that she did ride around the city, but unveiled as opposed to unclothed, purely to show her face and thus her support for the commoners, and at the same time, to show her distaste to her husband of his actions in order to embarrass him.


There would have been a lot of disappointed men then after seeing the promotional posters.


When I was gainfully employed, I used to test jet engines or parts thereof for a living. Most of these engines had a number of valves that could be opened or closed to bleed off air to do “things.”
Valves to assist starting, or to improve thrust, or provide cooling, or fuel tank pressurisation, or cabin pressure at altitude, or drive air motors, or open during acceleration to reduce the risk of compressor surge, or open during weapon firing (sadly, we never got to fire the weapons though) to prevent the shock waves across the intake from disrupting the engine airflow. Many lots of different valves to do many lots of different things.
It was important therefore to know that these valves opened and closed when they we supposed to.
This involved instrumentation that might illuminate a warning light, or send a signal to a control system. Sometimes though, this only indicated that the valve had been selected to do something, not that it had actually done what it was supposed to do.
Yes, the light is on, but that just means an actuator has moved and closed a microswitch. It doesn’t mean the rod, shaft, drive linkage, or valve itself has actually moved. We needed another way to determine this.
Sometimes it would be a case of checking for a change in engine speed, or temperature, or pressure. Sometimes, the valves operated automatically, so it wasn’t a case of flicking a switch to see what happened, but a case of, say, slowly moving the throttle and plotting speed and pressure or temperature on a graph, and noting when a change in the shape of the curve being plotted occurred.

Then there was the Viper engine. Originally designed to power the Australian Jindivik target drone unpersonned aircraft that was used to train pilots in air-to-air combat. By the way, Jindivik is thought by some to be derived from the Aboriginal word meaning, “hunted one.”
The engine had to be cheap and cheerful in case the aircraft was shot down by mistake instead of the target it was towing.
The engines were later used in many other aircraft from jet trainers to small passenger aircraft.

Anyway, one nightshift sometime around the late ‘70s, I went to visit a colleague who was running a Viper engine, and at some point the test crew needed to check whether a blow-off valve was operating correctly. The throttle was pushed, and all eyes went to the high-tech’ valve indicator. When the valve opened, air bubbles came out of the end of a pipe pushed through the lid of a jam-jar full of water.

Boxes ticked.

Accurate (it could even tell you if the valve was leaking)



Aren’t the Japanese known for all using the same bathwater too? The head of the house gets first go, followed by everyone else in age order. Unless you are a guest of course, then you get first dibs on the bath!


It used to be like that in our house when we had the tin tub in front of the fire :grinning:

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Like that idea very much, my toilet doesn’t have room for a conventional sink so you have to go into the bathroom (or the kitchen) to wash your hands.

Such things are available here but they are not cheap


Blimey Mr Smith…You could afford a proper tin tub?.. :open_mouth:


Men SECRETLY Long For THIS Way MORE Than Sex…

0:00 Defining The Challenge 2:00 1. Sensation of being alive 3:35 2. Emotional expression without shame 5:05 3. Genuine admiration 6:45 4. Freedom to be fully seen 8:45 5. Your joy derived from his value 9:50 6. Your consistent choice of him within your full life

What about this?

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Not enough room, there is a window behind the toilet. Something in the middle is better but the bathroom is next door anyway, with the laundry the other side and the kitchen a very short walk away (single storey house) - sinks in them all.

Letting the cat out of the bag.


BMW own Rolls Royce and Volkswagen,Bentley.
I wonder what Churchill would have thought of that. :grinning:

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Don’t the Indian group Tata own Jaguar and Land Rover?

And the Chinese own MG

We are still owned by the EU…I wonder what Churchill would have thought of that…

BMW own Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited, not Rolls-Royce plc (jet engines, nuclear power-plants etcetera).

After RR crashed in 1970, it was nationalised, then bits were sold off including the car division which for a while was owned by Vickers.

VW originally bought the RR and Bentley company … or so they thought. They found out afterwards that they had dropped a huge clanger because the deal didn’t include the rights to use the Rolls-Royce marque. Once the existing licence ran out, they were no longer permitted to use the RR name.
Rolls-Royce then sold the licence to BMW who built a brand new manufactory in the UK to produce the cars.