iMac problem - after the start up chime I’m getting a grey screen

I have 2 iMacs.
My current one is almost 4 years old and after the start up chime, I’m getting a grey screen (with the logo). In other words, it’s not working.

Tried my old one (2006) and that’s not connecting either.
It was fine last time I used it, which was probably last year.

It seems very odd that both of them have a problem.

Followed some online instructions (disconnecting the peripherals etc.) and ended up trying ‘reset NVRAM’ on my current one.

No luck … any idea ?


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Want me to get a cheap computer for you - cheap like?

I was about to ask, what about asking the resident IT expert?! :lol:

It needs a new hard drive !

Disgusting. We bought it just 6 months before OH died, which makes it 3 and a half years old.
I’m sincerely hoping the data will be recovered by a recovery place but they won’t get the hard drive until Tuesday now … poooooooooooo

Oh poo indeed!

I told her what to do with it ages ago - throw it out of the window and get a puter innit.

Anything other than a Mac, if I remember correctly. :lol:

About a year ago I think?

A three and a half year old iMac should def not have had any problems.
OH died 3 years ago and I’ve only used this iMac for my photo restores, emails, family history and chatting … the previous one, we bought in 2006 when OH worked from home.

Can’t see how my usage has zapped the hard drive

Trying to use a PC for now. An alien country for me

I know, it’s annoying when things fail for no apparent reason. You’ve just been unlucky I suppose.

My desktop seems to have played up since I bought it, but as I ordered it, to my spec, online, maybe I’ve got a dud un? I went on to Dell website, and ticked what I wanted. It’s Vista, with a tv tuner card, a decent hard drive but only 3gb RAM. I keep meaning to see if buying more memory would help, and I’d love to know how to clear out processes, but I’m not that pooter lit. Absolutely sick and tired of sometimes waiting an hour for it to come to life.

My lap top is W7 and works beautifully, never any problem.

Got my eye on an Asus touch screen, with tv tuner, but W8 and over £600.

Maybe when the car is sorted (after its MOT service, and all expenses in February) I may find myself ordering it. :lol:

ANNOYING ??? it feels as if my whole life has gone down the pan.

That’s putting it mildly! Lol.

So sorry to hear that Rachel.

I’ve only just seen your post but, when I was in IT, anytime we came across this problem with a Mac at our customers sites it was always the Hard Drive.

Macs had a 75% failure rate the last I checked too - that was 2008 just before I got made redundant again!


Ooooooer … my late OH always had Macs (since the 1980s) and I don’t remember there ever being a problem before this. I’m struggling with this PC thing and I’m already missing my Photoshop :confused:

I wonder how the drive has failed? If just mechanically jammed, there is an extreme measure that may work. I remembered reading about it, so searched it out. Not saying to do it but highlight it for information purposes. If there is really nothing else to be done, perhaps people could have a read of this and give an opinion…

Blast … there’s an ‘A’ missing from the title of this thread.

We took it to an Apple shop. They diagnosed the hard drive was ****ed.
I contacted a recovery place they told me about and they will see about retrieving all, or any, of my data. It’s going there by courier on Monday I think.

I’m missing Photoshop already :cry:

I thought McDonalds had starting branching out in computers!!


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :wink:

Probably a bit late for you now, but Macs come with a brilliant back-up system called TimeMachine - you just need an external drive to use it, such as this tiny thing: a massive 1TB for just £45

Rachel, being a Mac user the very next thing I bought after my I-Mac was a Back up Drive which I run via Time Machine. It constantly backs up everything on the external drive. Having lost a lot of pictures which I had on my previous computer which I had no back up for was a great loss. I hope they manage to retrive your data. Kindest Regards Tyrell

What a bummer. Just bad luck I guess. We have a Mac only household - two desktops, two iPads, two iPhones and two iPods and Apple TV. And despite the detractors on here we love them all and have had no trouble with any of them and my desktop is four years’ old. I put extra memory in it earlier this year and it’s as good as new. Ignore the anti-Apple crowd. They’re just jealous of our good taste.