I'm a Celebrity is back on soon

You’re a pair of miserable mares;)

Adam 3rd.
the great voting public have got it right by getting rid of the bore:)

Neigh lad :smiley:

Joel seems more sincere than anyone else…

Bet you a £1 Scarlet wins.

I hope she does. She’s one gutsy gal among other gutsy gals.

Yeah just a shame about her gob :twisted:


The right result!!

Oh no…she’s not won it has she :twisted:


I agree EZ.
She was the same all the way through. No nastiness, no hissy fits, nice kid.

I’ll come round and collect me £1 off all you doubters later.:slight_smile:

If I’d only had the conviction to put £20 on her:-(

Now look 'ere Tpin. I’m going to have enough trouble collecting me £1, so you can whistle for twenty mate! :smiley:

I’m actually quite please scarlet won

I only know of her from goggle box, yet she comes across as a pretty intelligent, extremely witty young lass, no back doors on her

It was lovely to see her enthusiasm. To admit she’s always loved the show and had actually got to do it. She really ( to me anyway) seems like her feet are truly planted on the ground and she doesn’t feed into being a “celeb”

Congratulations to Joel … :038:



Sam Quek used I’m A Celebrity shower only four times during three week jungle stint

She said: "You have a shower and you are filthy two minutes later anyway. You are stinking so it doesn’t make any difference.”

She added: “I only used the lagoon once. When I left I think a few critters came out of me”.

Stinky Sam … :107:

Yet!!! Give her a week or so and bet that will change :shock:

I’m so pleased Scarlet won I think she deserved it, can you imagine how proud her parents must be of her? She handled the situation so well. Go Scarlet!

I’m very pleased with the result . I watch Gogglebox and I like Scarlett there and I thought she did really well in the jungle . :smiley:

I wanted to put a tenner on Joel but luckily for me there are no bookmakers around here so I didn’t get around to it.

This made me laugh, when Scarlett was asked what she was going to spend the prize money on she said,

A caravan for me dad and a boob job for me, adding that since she lost her weight she wanted to put her boobs back to where they should be and not polishing her shoes:-)

She is such a comic:-)