I'm A Celebrity 2022 - Jill is Crowned

If only he’d kept his hands and tongue to himself, or at least out of the office, then he wouldn’t be where he is now. His political career is most likely over, unless he tries to become a member of the SNP :grin:.


I totally agree with you … :+1:

Hancock is self-interested, clever and false - how else does a person become a British politician who served as Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General from 2015 to 2016, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport from January to July 2018, and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care from 2018 to 2021 … :question:

It’s a shame that he doesn’t talk in his sleep … he may have been “hoist with his own petard” … :wink:

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When you put it like that then it’s terrifying … :scream_cat:

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I’m A Celebrity Betting Odds

I’m A Celebrity Winner

Jill Scott 1/4
Matt Hancock 5/1
Owen Warner 14/1

It’s not inconceivable that money’s going on Hancock now and votes for him will flood in later … :wink:

After reading that article about Hancock having a “PR Team” working for him to lobby youngsters online for their votes, I feel even more contempt for the man.
Employing a PR Team to try to “fix the vote” to help him win a game - how pathetic! :roll_eyes:

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What about this:

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph ahead of the show’s finale on Sunday evening, former England rugby player Tindall , 44, said: “Matt’s making sure his T-shirt and his phone numbers are on display at all times. Matt clearly wants to win.

“I’m taking great pleasure in turning it around every time he leaves camp.” He added: “Once a politician, always a politician. Always polling for votes.”

During the show hosts Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly mocked Hancock’s attempts to win as many public votes as possible, with Dec saying: “Matt Hancock showed off his new morning routine: shower, shave and show everyone the number on the back of your gilet.”



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I noticed that too!
I think Mike Tindall was spot on with what he said!

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If anything was a “giveaway” to Hancock’s “plan” then that surely was … :open_mouth:

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I don’t watch this shite, but can guess the outcome, if it ain’t already happened.

The article covers the Final BTT (for individual suppers and drinks) and the exits/interviews in far more detail than I could.

Well done, Jill and Owen … thoroughly nice people and inadvertent comedians … :041:


Slimy Hancock can slither back to his sleazy shell … :019:

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I was pleased to see Jill won the competition, with Owen as runner-up.

By the way, I notice that nobody quaffs their glass of bubbly in the exit interview - a few polite sips is the most they take. :thinking:
I’d be knocking it back! :joy: I’d need a drink after coming out of camp - maybe it’s not well chilled and not very nice? Maybe they prefer to wait to get back to the hotel for a properly chilled glass of their favourite tipple!

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Lovely that Jill won , and Owen runner up , both decent people to be proud of .

It was fun to watch , now what !


Well done to Jill a deserved … thankyou for the updates Omah


Am happy to second that. Thanks Omah :grinning:


I agree with the final two & was glad Jill one. Matt should have gone much earlier though IMHO.

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I’m a Celebrity’s 2022 finale has set a new ITV record, with the showpiece for the reality show garnering a 59% share of TV audiences.

Sunday’s final saw 11.5 million viewers tune in at its peak, with the episode culminating in Jill Scott being crowned Queen of the Jungle.

The figures represented the highest peak audience for any entertainment show this year, with the average number of viewers across the whole show being a whopping 10.1 million (53% share).

Obviously, being back in Australia made all the difference … :+1:

Could just be a sad reflection on the state of current TV programmes :grin:

The gym-loving star went into the show weighing 13st 3oz, but drastically left over a stone lighter at 12st 2oz.

I remember being 12st myself … but I never looked like Owen … he’s 6’ tall - i’m not … :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m sure a diet of beetles and snake innards would help shift any extra pounds you felt you were carrying .:smiley: Although such a huge loss in a short space of time can’t be healthy for him. I hope they all recover from the experience.

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Owen, as always, gets stuck into the challenge:


… and that was after he’d had pizza and chips with a haircut:

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