I'm A Celebrity 2019

Ian Wright MBE

The former footballer reportedly signed a six figure deal to join I’m a Celeb – with the 56-year-old deciding to take a punt on I’m a Celeb after being convinced by last year’s King of the Jungle, Harry Redknapp.

Nadine Coyle

The Girls Aloud singer was hotly rumoured to be heading to the jungle, and is hoping the experience will see her toughen up.

Myles Stephenson

The former X Factor star is also newly single, but don’t expect a jungle romance – he’s looking forward to embracing the single life.

Adele Roberts

The BBC Radio 1 presenter is planning on making a makeshift radio in camp to cheer up her camp mates and says her early starts will help with sleep deprivation.

Andrew Maxwell

The comedian said joining the show was a “no brainer” and said he will entertain his campers with stand-up routines.

Jacqueline Jossa

The former EastEnders star is jungle-bound to prove to people she is not “a pushover or a doormat.”

Roman Kemp

The fearless Capital Radio DJ is ready to get stuck into jungle life.

Caitlyn Jenner

The Olympian is no stranger to a rumble in the jungle, having done I’m a Celebrity back in the US in 2003.

James Haskell

Ex-England rugby player.

Kate Garraway

TV and radio presenter

Some I know, most I don’t but the surprise is Caitlyn Jenner … :101:

There are so many reasons why I dislike her but the main one is that she married into the dreadful Kardashian family. It’s unlikely, therefore, that I will be watching much of this year’s series, unless Caitlyn either withdraws or is ejected at an early stage … :102:

can’t stand Jenner and no one is worth paying a million pound for!!! It’s disgusting when there is so much poverty

Caitlyn Jenner stubs her fag out on Versace Hotel balcony as she relaxes ahead of I’m A Celeb

All that money …… and a bad habit …… :!:

When l first saw a pic of Caitlyn Jenner and announcing she was going into the jungle, l thought what a beautiful woman.

You can imagine my shock and horror to discover she used to be a bloke!

I have heard of six of those going into the jungle.

Surely you knew …… :lol:

No l didn’t, honestly. I avoid anything Jenner and Kardashian.
I will try to find the pic where she looked beautiful.

Bruce Jenner was one of my athletics heroes back in the day when he was a brilliant decathlete. Now just another publicity seeking nonentity. Interesting to see how James Haskell (not the most PC person on the planet) gets on with him!

She’s a big girl - Height 6 ft 2 in, Weight 14 stone - so you can’t miss her … :wink:

She looks lovely in this pic and great for 70! This isn’t the original pic l saw of her but it’s just as nice…

Mick, James Haskell will be interesting. I wonder what he will say about his in-laws, Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan? His wife Chloe Madeley, will love the publicity!

Thanks Omah :slight_smile: I have only heard of one of them Ian Wright but I will be watching , it is a good lesson in human behaviour …


I will not be watching.

I think if you saw her hairy builders arms and hands like shovels then you might change your mind … :wink:

She is really tall, especially in high heels (approaching 6’6"):


I won’t be watching it, it was quite good in its early days I soon got fed up with it. :slight_smile:

I have only heard of four of them.

I don’t care how much surgery people like Caitlyn Jenner put themselves through, you can still tell things are not as they appear.

As for looking good at 70, well couldn’t we all look 30 years younger with some surgical help?
I personally think the effect is vastly different to someone who genuinly looks good for their years.

I saw the other day that Chris Packham has been having a go at the producers and Ant & Dec about all the bug and insect eating.
Apparently, so far no one will answer him, so it looks set to continue.

I will watch it for the first couple of weeks and see how it goes from there.

I don’t know any of them. I hate the eating bug challeges & those poor animals that have to put up with sweaty humans invading their space. I would love to see some one being bitten or stung, but it never happens. Yet those silly people scream & shout as if they are. It’s too safe in my opinion. No, I wont be watching.

I have always had a bit of a thing for Kate Garraway. I think it’s because she is a complete airhead.

A heap of fake celebs in a fake jungle. Why would anyone want to watch it?

She is the only one I have ever heard of - and you are right, Dongles (Gosh, it hurt to say that!!) she is an airhead!:-D:-D

Kate Garraway of course. :cool::lol: