If You Had To Choose, Which Would You Prefer?

Loadsa money
Devastatingly good looks
Good health
A peaceful life
Or something else?

I bet most would opt for good health… but secretly would you have opted for loadsa money?

Truth time now…

No money for me, it would be health every time…then peace…I’m quite happy with the hand I’ve been dealt, regarding money…plus my son is good to me.


I already have all those!

So, I’d have to go for a time Machine and send myself back to 1959.


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I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t choose health first really.

Good health is first on my list for sure


Same here LQ, but I’d add for my family as well, even if it’s a bit late now.

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As I already have three of the four choices :clown_face: I’d go with continued good health :+1:


My choice would be good health for myself and all my family, they all deserve it.


Ahh but some might say, ‘If l had loadsa money l would be able to pay for the very best treatment and give me and my family, the very best life.

But the very best treatment may not be able to cure what you have. So I think I’ll stick with good health :slightly_smiling_face:


This is true it might not cure you but some people are very greedy and would do anything for money.

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Yep too true I’m afraid :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d go for money … though i’m not sure I’d do anything for it.

Why not health? Because I’m going to die one day anyway, irrespective of whether I struggle with poverty or am well off so I’d rather have a decent quality of life even if it was a shorter life.

Don’t we all hit a certain age when we feel we’ve had a decent innings and realistically can only bank on another 10 or 20 years of life?
At 60 I’ve hit that age and a real oddity when you think about it … the healthier you are, the longer you might live and so you’ll need a big wad of money if you end up in a care home.

Now …if you mean if a person was 20 or 30 or 40 which would they prefer, that could be a toughie.


Well, I already have the second one, so I think I’d like the ‘good health’ please.


anything to get me off a crusty bread and a dip in an oxo cube

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Yep, like everyone my first thought was good health, I can’t buy that and what use are the others without it?

But I suppose if I had the wealth I could see my kids right before I shuffle of this mortal coil. And have a damn fine time myself

And then again, the kids are doing OK, they’ve got jobs, cars, buying property

So maybe I’ll go for devastating good looks, could be a good laugh in my twilight years.

Go with Blondie, die young stay pretty!

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Skinny legs?

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Morty talks a lot of sense. I think I’m with her, after starting out thinking I’d go for good health. The loadsamoney choice doesn’t automatically come with bad health, does it? At my age, I can’t honestly expect my health to be much better than it is and at some point in the not too distant future, I shall have to shuffle off this mortal coil, whether I opt now for good health or not.

So yeah, loadsamoney please, so I can live what years I have remaining in absolutely disgusting luxury, and still have enough for a first class care home when the time comes. And it will.


Good health for me too. The rest is easier to do with good health. Without it, life is more of a challenge.

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I am impressed by some of posters who were brave enough to admit that they would prefer the money.

… but of course, if you did die of a certain ailment, you would leave anything left of the money to their charities! :smiley:

I’ve got them all, next :innocent: