If a friend's partner made a move on you would you tell?

Never been a problem for me, always just a bit of fun. Flirting can be ok for some but not others depending on how you interpret the situation.

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I would tell the partner where to go! I wouldn’t tell the friend - unless they specifically asked.

It has happened to me a couple of times, usually at parties when the man had had a few drinks. I found the easiest way to deal with it is to say " I will be back in a minute" & they ask " Where are you going" so I say… “To get your wife as you seem to be in the mood for something only she can provide” :rofl:
At this point they become a little embarrassed and say," No you dance better than she does" and the difficult moment is forgotten! :rofl:

No I wouldn’t tell. I’d just think she had a myopic dysfunction or she was a bit doo-lally :wink:

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Alcohol is a real danger at times.

Didn’t physically try anything on with someone once, but the conversation was heading that way. Both her and her husband are equally our friends.

She told her husband. Caused a bit of a rift for a bit, but we’re all well over it now.

Coincidental bit of timing from the op BTW. This topic came up on an episode of Doc Martin last night.

I would not tell why hurt someone ?


What you don’t know cannot hurt you. Ignorance is bliss, plus they might not belive you, anyway.

Plus, they are probably fully aware of what he’s like anyway.

It did in fact happen to me once, many years ago, and he wanted more than flirting.
It was my best friend’s husband too.
I just told him I thought too much of his wife to deceive her. That was the end of it.

What do you mean flirting…are you talking with a married man?

The title says ’ Your friend’s partner’, Pauline.

On the two occasions both were married, and going through a difficult time. One when single, a work colleague’s husband, the other a neighbour at new year’s eve party.

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If my friends partner made a move on me…of course I’d tell.

None of my friends partners or husbands would ever make a move on me…

This is most probably true. I have been “hit on” by a few of my friend’s partners/hubbies in the past. When confronted with a “no invite I am looking for” answer, they usually get the hint fast.

No, I don’t feel a need to cause hurt or discomfort to my friends.

Why stir the brown sticky stuff. I would quietly take her to one side and ask her if she had really thought it all through and she would be prepared to face all of the consequences. That would do the trick :ok_hand::+1:

Depends, if the partnered friends were of the the same gender, and Blokes. :astonished: :biking_man:

I should be so lucky

I would quietly take her to one side and talk about how we were going to get away with it. I mean it’s not like her partner and I are best mates or anything. :102:

Harbal, all this honesty stuff has to stop here and now!!!

No it’s not really happened to me much.
I can recall two occasions and l laughed my head off because if their wife had been there, they’d have been scared to death!

Some years ago, one waylaid me at the local store as l was perusing the yoghurts. He hinted that l met up with him sometime and it could be like the television series, ‘Butterflies’! He was being so brave because whenever he passed me in the village with his wife, he wouldn’t dare look my way!

The second was a few years ago at a Christmas Dinner and this one made his way over to me, sidled up to me and gave me smarmy compliments and a quick peck on the lips.
Next thing, his battleaxe wife returned from the toilet and he scurried off PDQ!

No l wouldn’t tell their partner as that would be a bit cruel.

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When the mystery is out of the system, such occurrences should not surface, they should be confined to the database.