I wish I liked soup

I wish I liked soup. Life would be so much easier if I liked soup. If I could just open a can of soup at meal times, instead of having to cook something, that would be wonderful. I consider my lack of enthusiasm for soup to be one of my greatest shortcomings.

These are my four favourite statements about soup.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about starting a thread when you can’t think of a subject, that don’t involve soup, please share them.

Butter beans.

Something I can made myself in three minutes. Easier to eat than soup too.

can of soup! :shock:

Back in the day we stewed up chicken in a can of condensed cream of mushroom and thought it was the bees knees. :cool:

Just butter beans, JBR? Can you provide some details?

I’m looking for bees knees that have nothing to do with soup, d00d.

Or mushrooms, for that matter.

You should try Mrs d00d’s cabbage soup, in that case. Old Portuguese trick.

When would it be convenient for me to try the soup, d00d?

Eat packet soup powder along with a few swigs of water. You might be able to stomach that better. Nothing like real soup of course but you wouldn’t be depriving your system of essential soup(s)

If there’s one thing worse than wet soup, mart, it is dry soup.

Wet soup: :078:

Dry soup: :078::078::078:

Yes, some Flora on top.

Thank you for not overwhelming me with details, JBR.

Honestly, that’s it. I’m not joking.

So, just butter beans topped with a little buttery substance; is that the case, JBR?

I’ve never tried dry soup myself but I was just trying to be helpful. If dry soup makes you three times as sick as wet soup, it obviously isn’t a solution. Sorry I can’t help but good luck with finding an answer. :slight_smile:

You tried to help, mart, and that’s what matters.

Maybe if you made some homemade soup and not out of a can, you would enjoy it? Canned soup is quite disgusting.

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Another idea. Soup paste! Neither one thing or the other.

But if I’m going to go to the trouble of making something, which is what I am trying to avoid, what’s the point of making soup when I don’t like soup. If I absolutely have to make something, wouldn’t I be better making something I do like?

What about that Spanish muck. They don’t even bother to heat it up. :!:

No, no…see…your approach is all wrong, Harbal. You say you don’t like soup because all you have experienced is canned soup. Once you have tried proper homemade soup, you would absolutely love it!