How silly is this?

It’s a pity these protesters have nothing better to do - even if it is a disgusting dish!

Very silly.

How ridiculous!

Just as silly as associating the coronavirus with Corona beer that became a lightning rod for some consumers back in 2020.


So a small French restaurant has achieved not just local, or even national, but international publicity for something which has nothing to do with Putin! Their marketing team earned their money this week.


The dish poutine is sold in all McDonalds on the eastern coast. Many restaurants sell the dish.
It’s been a famous dish for a very long time.
It’s ridiculous that they are being hassled so much about their restaurant name that they have to change it. It might also mean McDonalds might have to change the name because the spelling looks a bit familiar.
It’s amazing that your ‘take away’ from all this is that some restaurant has found a way to advertise their business. :exploding_head:

I think the fame of poutine goes far wider than a small French restaurant - From what my friends from Quebec have told me, it’s quite a famous and widely eaten “comfort food” in Canada.
I can’t think why - I’ve never tried it but when they described it to me, it sounds like a pile of soggy chips under a blanket of cheese curd and gravy.

For people to be making a fuss about its name sounding similar to Putin is very silly.
It’s a good thing Mr Putin is not called Mr Burger or Mr Pizza -
or Mr Fischenchips! - there’d be riots in fast food joints all over the place! :rofl:

That is exactly what it is, Boot, and it is horrid but, as the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison! :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:

Oh! Have you tried it then?

If McDonald’s did not respond to public opinion over it’s continued support of the Russian market, until a couple of days ago. Then I doubt something on the menu will cause them any issues.

Cheese AND gravy? SHEESH! Never the twain shall occupy the same plate :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

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Continued support of the Russian market?
It’s a Canadian popular junk food. ( period )
I’m not claiming it’s a great item to eat however it has absolutely nothing to do with Russia or this war. It’s merely a food item

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Those who are attacking the routine name of the dish really ought To make sure they avoid foodstuffs with the description " thick " since they’ll think it’s catching.

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Poutine horrid & disgusting? :joy:
I guess you people would know :grimacing::pleading_face:

Stargazey pie
Jellied Eels
Black pudding
Baby Gaga ice cream
Spotted dick
Sussex pond pudding
Turkey twizzlers
Bubble & squeak
Pork faggots
Flies graveyard
Mushy peas


Yes, how else would I know I don’t like it? :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat:

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Fair enough. It IS fairly gross.:joy: It actually surprises me that it’s so popular but I guess we all like different things for different reasons.

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LOL - in the past I have tried all the things on your list - and the only ones I really liked were Black Pudding, Marmite, and Laverbread.

You’ve tried ALL of them?:scream:
You are a brave women.

Can I ask what this is? The item below that is.

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No, but until a couple of days ago, McDonalds were happy to remain part of the Russian food market. And if they continued to do business in Russia until it looks so bad, they have no option, but to leave. Do you think they care if a food item on the menu sounds like Putin?

Yum! I’ve tried all of those except Baby Gaga Icecream, a girl’s got to have some standards :nauseated_face:

Jellied eels are my fave, being a Londoner….don’t knock the jellied eels! and Haggis of course

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