How often do you clean your washing machine?


My washing machine packed up yesterday, halfway through a load.

It took an age to drain down, loads of water.

The filter and coin trap were blocked, apparently you are supposed to clean your filter every month for maximum efficiently.

I cannot remember the last time I cleaned mine.:blush:

There was an awful lot of limescale in the pipes as well.

You can get commercial washing machine cleaners, but being unable to drive at the moment, I made my own up and ran them through at 60C three times.

The difference is amazing, the pipes and hoses are clean as a bell, loads of gunk came out and the machine is now like new.

Just a thought for you, I clean my dishwasher once a month, but have neglected the washing machine.

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I clean the drum and filters weekly, and put a bottle of white vinegar through at same time, then a borax solution monthly. Having dog beds and blankets going through so often it’s dog hair blocks filters here. I’ve never found anything except dog hair in mine, I’m a pocket sorter out before I put anything in the machine or I’d be washing biscuits and coins and various other things no one thinks to empty out of their pocket !

Eh!!!..never,I know there’s a panel at the foot of the machine which would need to be pulled out and unscrewed to be cleaned,but I’m not going there.:shock:…I clean the detergent dispenser regularly,and it has a self cleaning pump,but there’s no limescale prob’s with Our soft Scottish water,so I won’t concern Myself with it…I do clean the dishwater filter about once a week though.:cool:

Once a month, I run several maintenance washes using soda crystals, citric acid and white vinegar (not all at once) - luckily, my local Home Bargains store sells all those DP products at low, low prices … :wink:

I don’t think I have ever done it.

after reading this post i just been in kitchen cleaned my tray and filter now running washing with soda crystals to clean the pipes.

About once a month I take out the tray and soak it, fabric softener goes black and leaves nasty residue in time.
I also I do an empty run through with some disinfectant added.

The waste filter is fine, only I use the machine and check pockets etc before loading so I know it won’t get blocked

What’s a filter?

:lol: Just kidding. I’ve no idea where it is and I can’t be bothered to read the manual to find it.

For the last 12 years my current beastie has just had a white vinegar wash once a month.
Have to as it’s vile water here. If I don’t descale the kettle every 2 weeks I end up with crunchy stuff in my tea.

Just thought the drawer I do weekly in the dishwasher it seems to have kept it lovely and clean much better than I ever managed soaking and scrubbing.

I love that stuff, it saves buying biscuits. :mrgreen:

we began to get smelly clothes after they came out the washer ,I didnt realise it was the washer that smelled,not had that problem in over 40 yrs .So i didnt put two and two together till i got my head in .
so every month we put a washing machine cleaner through and the smell has not returned .I think its down to soft water ,although i have black spots in the dispenser.
The trap at the bottom of the machine has to be unscrewed ,last time i did it water came out but not much else …

Its a combination of low temperature washes, non bio washing powders, plastic outer drums, and cold fill only, that cause the bad smells and black mould to build up in your washer, you can see this in the soap drawer that will go black, as no hot water goes into them anymore, the best thing to do is either, switch to bio washing powders/ liquids, or use a dedicated washing machine cleaner, ( soda crystals will do) and run at 90 degrees, you will still need to pull out the soap drawer and clean in hot water, ( don’t forget to clean out the inside of the soap drawer too) do this every couple of months or so, or more frequently if really bad…

Once every 6 weeks, on average.

Good grief!
I’m confused with all these posts!

Made up my own recipe…swims
Soda crystals…Feey
White vinegar…Morti
Citric acid…Omah
Blah blah blah!!!

How much, where does it go, what temp and when please! :smiley:

90 degree boil wash Ruthio vinegar entire bottle tesco own brand. Borax a tablespoon in the drum again a boil wash.

White vinegar is a great descaler and sanitiser but I think it’s the soda crystals that remove the gunk.
Soda crystals or bicarb of soda are also great for putting down plugholes or outside grids for breaking down scum and nasty little trapped food stuffs.

Two boil washes? :shock::shock:
One with an entire bottle of white vinegar and one with tablesp borax in the drum.
So doesn’t the vinegar go in the drum??

I’m writing all this down, will discuss with lordruthio over a mince pie later :mrgreen:


Home Bargains or B&M for the commercial stuff, saves all the bother Ruthio.

Yes I use soda crystals for drain and sink…and a teasp in boiling water in the mug my sis-in-law has drunk her strong black tea out of to remove the stains :shock: what does it do to her stomach!! the tea I mean, not the soda crystals :mrgreen:

So where do the soda crystals go in the washing macine?
And how much?

This is getting very exciting!

PMSL…and also very educational…I’m paying attention to every word written :-p