How much do you pay for a haircut?

I wonder how much do you pay for a haircut?

It cost me £10 to get mine cut before leaving for India last October then when i got it cut in Goa it cost me 100 rupees [in the region of £1.00 ] and that was giving a generous tip, after refusing a gratis head massage in the good old days of yore we paid in the region of 9 pence and got it cut once every two weeks now half the male population shave their heads…

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I just use my own clippers, either a zero or a number one.
I’m thinking of splashing out and investing in some salon quality clippers… not the cheapest option but worth every penny .

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Depends…depending on where I go it’s £8,£10 or £15.

In Eastleigh where I live, there are quite a few barbers, half of them Turkish. The average price for pensioners, is about £10 to £12. If I go Monday to Thursday, in a unisex place, I can get a short back & sides for £8. That’s my chosen option, plus a £2 tip. :wink:

We have a hairdresser who comes to our door. My haircut costs a fiver.

You fellas are so lucky.
I pay £65 for a cut and finish .
Highlights & Colour £150


My Husband pays £9 at the Barbers, |I go to the Hairdressers just for a dry cut costing me £17.00.

when is he coming next, i’ll call round, i used to use the hairdresser between the Danum and mansion house in Doncaser it was only a fiver , but when i went in after covid they had put it up again… well after paying for parking i was as cheap using a local Syrian for £8 but then they put it up… how long might it grow before October?

I used to pay £13 for a dry cut and now I’m paying £22 for a wash cut & finish (there’s nothing to style :upside_down_face: ). Since the lockdowns dry cuts have not been on offer.


You’d be more than welcome to my old clippers Ripple?
Just pm me and I’ll pop them in the post :+1:

That’s a very generous offer :joy:

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That might work. Where, roughly, do you live?

Hi Ripple, one of my friends in Goa has her hair, normal ontop but short at her neck i know there will be a name for it, anyway she went to the hairdresser with her husband each time he went for a trim, she was very impressed by our barbers skill and asked him to cut her hair…lol… he refused… so each time he went for his trim she asked but he always refused… then the following season she called in the day after she arrived and showed him her freshly cut hair-do…lol… so three months later he cut her hair, she was so impressed with the cut, she stiull says she gets her best haircut in Goa, where she pays 300 rupees or £3.00.

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Balby…Im guessing where you live by your name…lol

Besoeker is from Afrikaans. I did several spells in South Africa which is why I picked my name in this forum. but now I live in Yorkshire!

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lol, Bessacar is a rather posh part of Doncaster
the name gets a bit abused so i thought thats what you were doing
Balby is in Doncaster

I cut my own since we had lockdown,soaking wet and over the bath.
Dh has used clippers since we met,so he also does his own too.
Saves us a fortune.

I always cut my own hair. Getting a wee bit tricky now that I have a frozen shoulder.

Usually, it was a kiss on the lips from hubby. Two kisses in the cheeks from both my munchkins.


I’ve been doing my own hair since I was 12. Then when I got with hubby, he asked and I did, he liked and never looked back. Once munchkins were born, I took care of their hair as well. Still taking care of my own and daughter’s.

Over the years, I’ve watched loads of YouTube videos to get tricks and tips. Beforehand, I accompanied my Father and grandfather at their barbers appointments, I watched and learned.

Three times I paid in the 80s in order to get my bridal hair just right. Honestly, cost me a fortune, never got what I wanted, I now cringe at my wedding pictures. Yeach!

Sorry, I don’t know the current haircut costs locally!

Us old geezers have one or two trims left in us so, I suppose the cost is immaterial . :laughing: