How fast is your broadband?

Just wondering what broadband speeds everyone is getting vs what you are promised.

If you fancy joining in, please visit and carry out a speed test (click on ‘Begin Test’) then once it’s complete click on share > forum > copy

Then paste into your post. Please also include whether you are connected via a wired or wireless connection and what you were promised in your package.

Here’s mine as an example:

Package: Fibre Unlimited 40Mbps
Connection type: Wireless

Review: Recently upgraded to fibre, as our normal broadband was just getting slow. However, as you can see we are not getting anywhere near the promised 40Mbps! Our wired speeds are closer at 35Mbps but thats no good as we connect wirelessly. I have got them to send out a new router, but its just the same - so have asked them to cancel. Hence on the lookout for someone who can deliver on their promises.

Here’s mine:

Package: 20Mpbs
Connection type: Wireless

I’m only on the basic Aol package, costs around £7 a month with a wireless router,

Tortoise net :lol:

the numbers mean nothing to me, what does mine tell you?

at least I know Meg’s is slower than mine:-)

Not happy with mine at the moment it is supposed to be 100/40 but this is typical:


That time BTW is GMT so it is about midday here.

It is fibre and part of the NBN started by Gillard and being stuffed up by Abbott to appease Murdoch.

I’ve said this before but one of the surprises for me is the poor Ping results in the UK even when I was on ADSL it was never more than 12ms but look at the values in the other results above. - by Virgin fibre-optic cable.

ISP: Virgin Media.
Package: Advertised download speed up to 152Mbps.
Connection type: Wired.

VM seems able to mostly maintain the speed advertised and can often surpass it by a good measure, although ping times go up if a more distant server is used.

To the closest test server (50 miles away):

A test server in Frankfurt (400 miles away):

I’m with BT Infinity…

39.03 Mb/s… Download

14.89 Mb/s…Upload.

I’m more than satisfied at these speeds, plenty enough for my needs.

Go away you lot :lol: you can go off people you know :077:

I guess my speed is the price I pay for living in the fields away from civilisation.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Honey, the download speed is the most important, followed by the upload speed - the higher the better, as it indicates how fast you can read (download) web pages and the upload speed for uploading files etc.

Bruce, I’m assuming that’s a wired connection? That could explain yours and Marts excellent ping times.

Spider - are you connected wirelessly to your router? (wifi)

Looks like Mart and Bruce have the fastest internet amongst us :mrgreen:

It’s all a miracle that we can do this Internet thing at all, let alone at any speed. Who’d have thought it when I were a lad! :surprised:

Yep, it’s kinda crazy isn’t it.

We can ‘teleport’ a photograph to someone on the other side of the world in less than a second. Amazing :mrgreen:

Yes Azz we are connected wirelessly.

You are probably right Meg regarding where you are located, but I bet you wouldn’t swap for a little bit more internet speed, would you???:slight_smile:
I live only a few hundred metres from one of those new fangled BT boxes that have been springing up all over the country. It’s made a massive difference to the speeds we receive, I’m well pleased.

That’s good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

this is mine, but bear in mind down here in the Welsh Valleys
our computers are coal fired.

No I wouldn’t Spider :slight_smile: but a bit of speed would be nice sometimes. Good job I am a patient person …

I wish I could teleport meself though :-p

You can… it just takes a bit longer :lol: