How Do You Like Your Sandwiches Cut? Square Or Triangle?

Well… here’s a nice easy thread. :slight_smile:

… and you can even add if you like your crusts cut off too!

So Square, or Triangle sandwiches, or as they come?

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I like a Triangle sandwich, leave the crusts on - they are the best bit :smiley:

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depends on which side of the bed your eating them in. Doesn’t everything exciting happen in bed. The real thrill is getting rid of the crumbs together

Neither, I have home made wholemeal bread rolls for sandwiches and they are round so semi circles when cut…

Crusts on cut in half. Cheese and tomato in nice fresh crusty bread

I prefer a triangle - the crust is the best part:-)

I just cut my sandwiches in half. Daughter likes them the ‘posh’ way though, triangular. She does her own as she says I put too much butter on them anyway.:lol:
Son gets his my way.:lol:

My preferred shape would depend on contents and context … :115:

Triangles. . . and no crusts, don’t like the dry bits!

so, fav butties (sandwiches for the posh peeps) back in the days when i used to climb mountains and have yer butties in yer rucksack, like cheese and onion, and they get squashed, then you sit on the top of a mountain in pouring rain with a cup of mushroom soup, with the rain dripping from your hood, and dip yer butties in yer soup, wonderfull

cut twice so I get four diddy triangles with one short line of crust on each! :-D:-p

Same. :lol:

You are both very ‘posh’.:lol:

I had a double decker once…bread, filling, bread, filling, bread…I couldn’t for the rest of that day!

What? A Bus?:slight_smile:

I like squares. Toasted triangles tips get pokey. :relaxed:

I wish more take-out places would give me the choice.

Me too, Rhian. As for crusts - I like them and leave them on if it is just for me. Obviously if I had guests I would cut them off - and keep them to make make breadcrumbs.:-D:-D

Yes Chillie…I eat buses all the time! Its a Scottish thing, you wouldn’t understand! :smiley: :smiley:

Always, at the queen’s garden party, I act the peasant, dipping those little crustless triangles into the caviar, hollandaise sauce, anything. Swilling pints of bolly, before Sir Alan Fitztightly has me removed.

I believe those are known as ‘Club Sandwiches’, Pixie. Invented in New York (I think - certainly US anyway) and made popular over here by Wallis Simpson!:-D:-D