House Sale & Move, 2nd attempt!

Yesterday we had our first new viewers after our original buyers pulled out on Thursday so it feels good now to find that the first ones, (again!), have made an offer to the agent this morning.

We were a bit fed-up on Thursday but looking at the market I thought we should try again straight away and suggested we go back up to the original valuation and these buyers have offered near enough that amount without batting an eyelid so that was a good move as it’s £7000 more than the first buyers!

We have another viewing today and we have told the agent that we will probably accept this offer if today’s viewers do not seem impressed as the first couple are in no hurry and really want this house, which for us is great.

We can also up our budget now and maybe get that illusive 2-bed house! stevmk2

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Wish you luck Steve, hope this follows through ok this time.

Sounds good … fingers crossed for you :smiley:

Good luck Steve, I hope it all goes to plan for you this time …:slight_smile:

Well done :slight_smile:

Second viewing just now - very picky people and I think that they will have problems with so many “tick-boxes” to fill!

This house is 89 years old so it’s not likely to have the kind of “spec” they seem to be looking for so I was a bit bemused by them.
Surely they did some research first?

We told the agent we are happy with the first couple so she will be on to them later.

Just got to find a house for us now!

Going for a walk and a pint to celebrate! :038: stevmk2

Good for you Steve. Relax and recover :smiley:

Surprised your house is 89 years old Steve, I thought MK was a ‘new’ town ?

I think you would do right to ‘stick’ with the first couple
Best wishes to you :slight_smile:

The very best of luck to you Steve, but it’s a long rocky road this house selling business, we’ve been trying to sell a very nice four bedroomed semi since February. We are now on our third buyers for one reason or another and are once again due to exchange contracts this coming week, which is usually the time when the buyers to decide to divorce instead… :shock: :lol:

There really should be a better way…

We live in one of the original towns swallowed up by Milton Keynes Development Corporation, long before Milton Keynes became a “city” and now a Unitary Council Malcolm.

We have houses around here that are far older than ours too.

Lots of misconceptions abound about Milton Keynes but we’ve lived here since the early 70s and I lived in Stevenage a short while before that.

More developments today; the first potential buyer some how found out we had more viewings today and upped her offer.

We feel a bit guilty now 'cos we had decided that she was the best for our house - yes, daft I know but we felt she belonged here and this is her second attempt as she missed out before by ten minutes on an offer as the first buyers had snapped our house up.

There are one or two things we were going to leave but now, as I have the materials I’m going to do those jobs as soon as I can for her - only fair in my mind. stevmk2

That’s excellent Steve, now crack on and find the place of your dreams…good luck mate !

Took us 6 years to sell our kennels and bungalow so well done Steve if you managed to sell quicker

Well done Steve :slight_smile: that’s the worst part coordinating the two things…
Good luck with that :slight_smile:

Where we are now is our 5th move and don’t intend to do it again. it is a load of hassle to be sure. What with purchasers -removers-solicitors- estate agents it makes one wonder if the effort is worth it. Only good thing about all of this is with each move we have made money on them.

It’s such a stressful time - I hope all goes well this time, stevmk2, good luck with finding your new home…

Nightmare, eh? We had this scenario 8 years ago, still remember every stomach churning moment - awful :twisted:

Good luck with the exchange of contracts, hope it all goes smoothly. :slight_smile:

Good luck Steve you have my best wishes on finding your new house and that everything runs smoothly in your sale :slight_smile: I have had my 3 bed semi up for sale since the 14th July. Tomorrow we have our 4th and 5th viewers calling at 6pm and 6.30pm we haven’t had any offers as yet, as the market up north seems to be very slow at the moment. I wish some southerners would come up here and buy our houses as they sell very cheap compared to yours…

Sorry to read of your plight Sue.

I’d move North but all our family and friends are spread out from Greater London, Milton Keynes or Devon - all just a bit too far for my wife.

I did suggest it a few times but now, she’s Middlesex-born! stevmk2

People will think we are mad but today we’ve spent much of the morning doing a bit of decorating in this house, despite the fact it is actually sold.

The reason is that the lady that’s buying our house seems really nice and there were a few things that we were going to do before we ever put the house on the market so, as we had the paint and the time, why not?!

It only took us a few hours and hasn’t cost us anything but the results are quite pleasing.

Quite surprised that the newly-painted parts in the hallway where the plaster “skim” had hairline cracks are very difficult to spot 5 hours after we did them and the badly stained wall behind the cooker is gone now too!

Our neighbours think it’s nice of us but it hasn’t cost us anymore and we are still living in the house!

No potential new homes out there though - well, not at what we can afford.
Never mind - we are still hopeful. stevmk2