High trees this has to stop

This is an increasing problem . High trees planted on the border of properties with no consideration of the other people . It can ruin lives . Why are people so selfish ?


Dreadful. But 20years???

The comments are always good reading, I love this one: “for goodness sake - find a friend or two, go out at night and just cut the lot down while she’s asleep. Argument over!”

Lots more in the same vein .

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Why indeed, Muddy. I have the same sort of problem here, so I do sympathise with this problem.

I have the man next door’s trees which he has never trimmed even once, in the 15 years I’ve been here, and another neighbour who backs onto my garden at the bottom, so the problem I have is ‘L’ shaped.

It really worries me because some of the older members from our previous forum may remember I had subsidence problems which dragged on for years, and now I’ve got other people’s trees causing me problems again. I am really worried with this drought on, that the trees are pushing their roots further and further out to try and find water and will get under my property again.

Neither man is pleasant or approachable, and from what I have learned, the council won’t help me either. The trees must be 40 ft high now. Totally selfish gits they are.

You have my sympathy Mups .
I dislike leylandii , apart from them growing into monsters they look so drab .
Because of the speed and height of growth maybe planning permission before planting might be a good idea.
A flagpole above 4.6 metres require pp , surely these wretched trees have a bigger impact on lives than a flagpole

I have elm trees at the bottom of my garden - and they aren’t even mine - they are from the adjoining garden at the end of mine. They are very old and gnarled (quite beautiful actually) and I would hate to see them cut down, but their branches overhang quite a lot into my garden and I do worry when it gets windy.

I have field maples at the bottom of my garden on my neighbours land and they are a worry as they grow very high. I do trim what comes over my side
I would much rather they weren’t there as they do block out the afternoon light …

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Yes! The sun sets at the back of my house, and these large trees block it out quite a bit. I’m not really sure of the law on cutting down your neighbours branches, but I’d like to ask him if he could trim them on my side at least. I have decking there but it’s always too cool and shady to sit comfortably for long. (Gosh I’m such a whinger this morning! :smiley: )

The law is that you may cut anything over your side but must return the cut bits to your neighbours ( if they want them which they probaby won’t they will want you to dispose of them )

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Doubt my brown bin could cope with the volume of those then! :joy:

I remember Mups problem trees on the previous forum , and it really worried me as there was some conifers no more than a yard away from my Home . I tried approacing the Estate agent who looks after the Tenants who rent there . They were not at all concerned even though they were as tall as the Roof .
Well I took matters into my own hands , not going to say how but I googled ways to get rid of .
Now after new tenants moved in , I see they too are taking matters in hand after being told not to touch the Trees
And there it stands for the past year as dead as a door nail , Theres one more Tree to be rid of and my worries that embeded me when Mups put her story up will be gone , now , its taller than the property , all started out as 12 inch miniture conifer.
Do I wait till tenant strikes or do I , well …

Eliza, I don’t want to worry you, but could the dead tree be dangerous now when the gales start next winter? It won’t get blown down on you, will it?

no Mups the two conifers that was closest to me the tenant felled them when they had died , The one that worries me is still alive and it does blow in the Gales maybe i should on the next windy day put the fear of God into the Estate agent .

Here a couple of pics of the size of the neighbours trees next to my fence:

And -

I dont understand why Trees are allowed to grow that tall ,Id be very concerned if i was the owner .Theres Fruit Trees at the Bottom of my garden that have no been pruned since the owner died they stand about 20ft , and are dropping rotten fruit into my garden , Ive pruned the closest brances that was over hanging my Green house , but to do the other that bend over in the wind i need to buy an extenting
once again its property renting out ,I heard the new owner telling the tenants to not touch the shrubbery round the fence . So i have to prune their shrubs that are encroching over the Boundary

Thing with these is Eliza, they are so tall now, I can’t reach the overhanging branches, and I don’t see why I should have to pay a small fortune for a tree fella to come in and cut somebody’s else’s!


I agree with this wholeheartedly. It’s their trees, they should deal with them. I mean, if I were to pay for someone to cut back the tree branches at my bit, I would be sending the guy the bill!

Thing is Pixie, what do I do if they won’t?
I only have a small garden here, so they are too near the house for my likeing. If they were 100 yards away I wouldn’t bother so much, but some of these are only about 15-20 ft away.
Think I’ll have a word with the council, but bet they don’t want to know.


How well do you get on with those neighbours, Mups? Perhaps a chat would help - say you are very worried about the trees and would they mind cutting them. If they say they won’t, then say you will take care of it and be sending them the bill, along with the branches.

I wouldn’t mind deciduous trees at the bottom of the garden as long as it’s a big garden …well I lived in a forest for 30 years so!
But Leylandii absolutely not, the oldest Leylandii at a 130ft and still growing. Nightmare.

Neither of them speak if they can avoid it, Pixie.
Both men. One is very odd, a bit creepy even, and doesn’t speak unless you practically stand in front of him and say something.
The other one in the big posh house, is pig ignorant. I wrote him a letter about the subsidence years ago, gave him my address and phone number to respond, and he couldn’t be bothered.
He is quite verbally aggressive on the couple of times I have spoken to him, not a nice man to approach on my own.
I have written him a letter, being very polite, but a bit worried about putting it through his door now.
He will either bin it and ignore me, or get nasty.

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