High trees this has to stop

Yeah, I agree Ripple. Unfortunately these are all Leyandii, and as you say, they just keep growing. I believe they grow about 3ft a year.

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Well you don’t need that stress in your life. What about the council…are they any good? If you point out to them (in writing) that you are giving them due warning of the danger of the trees blowing over, and that they will be liable for any accidents which occur due to the inclement weather, I’m fairly sure they will get their tree choppers up there pretty darn quickly!

Phoned the council this morning Pixie. They pass you round from one department to the next, none of them really wanting to get involved.
I thought it might be Environmental Health, but they wouldn’t even put me through to them to ask about it. She told me to gt a solicitor on to them, silly moo. I can’t afford that.

After going in round in circles and ending up back at the switchboard, another lady took my details and said she would email Planning and ask them to contact me.
I’d never have thought of it being about Planning, but what do I know! image

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There are times when ring barking seems like a good idea :smiling_imp:

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Me neither? But I hope someone does get back to you and they don’t just pass it on until they hope you forget about it. :+1:

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These are seriously big trees Mups
I wish you luck with planning I have rang them umpteen times not about trees about my neighbours intrusive build ( nothing like his original plans ) and they just pass me around the houses.
I usually end up with the receptionist or the boy who left school last week .

Yes they are Muddy, and it is so unfair. They are fine in Parks and Fields, but should be illegal in ordinary domestic properties IMO.
It is so hard to get help nowadays, isn’t it.

This is my garden this morning . These trees are much taller than appears here by the afternoon the garden will be in shade . The people who used to own the house refused to cut anything and berated me for cutting the hedge which as you can see is quite high . There is an acre of land and a large beech hedge behind the trees so it wasn’t like they didn’t have privacy .
Thank goodness they have gone and the new owners are nicer . I asked if we could trim the two trees at the back as it was just a high wall of green . At first they refused but then relented ( we have to pay and take the stuff away of course ) since then we cut them every year ( we did it last month ) as field maples grow so quickly .
I would like to thin out the remaining trees ( might have to do this surreptitiously) so some light can at least filter through .

In the absence of agent orange, hexazinone injected into the soil around the tree base will usually see the off within 2-3 applications. I got shot of Japanese knotweed at two of my properties with that and very efficient it was too. Without the prolific JK present I would have paid considerably more for the pair of semis.

That’s all very well LD, but these trees are on somebody else’s property, not mine!
I am not getting caught going onto someone else’s garden to poison their trees, thanks - even if I could get hold of the stuff.
You trying to get me carted off? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: