Hi everyone new here...

Hi everyone newbie here from Essex , hope you all doing ok considering our current lockdown …

Hello Cakeman :slight_smile: welcome!

Hello Cakeman :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Hi Cakeman and welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on Over50sForum. :039:

ooooooo, I like you already, Cake is a good word


Hi everyone thnx for the welcome …lol lion queen cake is good

Welcome to the forum Cakeman, I look forward to reading you…:wink:

Hi o g f , how is everyone doing ?

So far so good Cakeman, I’ve not been going out much these days, just shopping twice a week and running three times a week…I see that you are a bit of a keep fitter yourself?

I like to do my bit but sometimes I don’t do as much as I ,d like to, I see you enjoy lot of running.

Yer, it’s become a habit now Cakeman…I have to get my fix…:smiley:

Lol that’s not a bad thing, it helps me clear my head. Some days when I don’t feel like doing any excercise I go anyway and come back glad that I did although sometimes aching but guess that’s joys of it

Hi Cakeman - welcome to OFF. :slight_smile:

Ever since you got chased by the cops when you were a young man and the habit stuck eh? :wink:

Hi judd, thnx for the welcome

No tbh o g f I never liked gyms or keeping fit in my younger days plus I was working in construction for long time so didn’t need it lol, but last 5 yrs or so I find I can do it and enjoy it

Hello Cakeman :slight_smile: welcome…

Hi Meg , thnx for the welcome

:039: Hi there …

G’Day mate. :slight_smile: