Herbal Tea - yes or no?

I have always loved Green tea, and have a mug of it most days. Then I was introduced to freshly picked mint tea, which is the loveliest thing I have actually tasted! I now have a large plant pot of mint in my kitchen.

Then I moved onto Fruit teas, and recently bought some Pukka tea (Tumeric, and also Chai - I adore Chai tea…I make my own now, thanks to an Indian friend of mine giving me her recipe)

Do you drink herbal tea? If so, what is your favourite?


Yes. I really like fresh mint tea the best - but also enjoy ginger and lemon, proper Indian chai, Japanese green tea, and Lemon Balm.


I’m happy with my once a day cup of green tea.


Yes! Absolutely! All flavours including green tea, anything!

Hold the sugar and milk please!


I’m not a fan of lemon teas…I tried it with ginger and it was a bit :face_vomiting: I’m afraid. Ginger itself is nice though.


Herbal teas are awesome :003:

  • St Johns Wort is an excellent anti-viral and has also shown to help with things like depression and anxiety.

  • Camomile has anti bacterial properties.

  • Peppermint tea is often use to calm the tummy.

And many more! Some are appetite stimulants, some can help your sleep, some can help restore lung function (liquorice tea) and some just put a spring in your step :lol:

I highly encourage people to look into herbal teas not just as a nice warm drink, but one with potential medicinal benefits too.

Actually this thread has given me an idea for another one :048:
Edit: done: The Physicians of Myddfai - and the birthplace of modern medicine :023:


I love all kinds of tea. I love to add things to it. I belong to a tea club and gets samples every month. Mix it up with different tea leaves, flowers, fruit, herbs, spices … so many choices, but a good plain black tea with a touch of sugar is always nice too.


That sounds awesome DM


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No thanks.

I love lemon in my Rooibos tea but not in normal tea. Lemon and ginger tea with honey is my favourite :star_struck:


Oooh I have Rooibos tea as well, with honey.


I didn’t know such a thing existed? I’m going to google that! :+1:


I like a green tea with honey and ginseng. Also, Twinings Prince of Wales in the evening after dinner. A vanilla chai is spicy on occasion, or honey chamomile herbal is very nice.


I have that too!
I really should have raided my cupboard and posted a pic before starting this thread, haha! :roll_eyes:


I drank peppermint tea before bed every night for several years. Besides calming my tummy, it was also very soothing and set up a calming sleep routine.

For a time after that, I drank decaf green tea for the same reason.

I haven’t had any tea for a while. Maybe when it gets cooler here.

Me too! Sounds fun.

I also have chamomile in my cupboard. I’m afraid to try it because I’ve read that people allergic to ragweed could have an allergic reaction. I bought it for the sleep properties but now I’m hesitant to drink it. haha.


I found Yorkshire Tea “Bedtime Brew” (Decaf) really helpful for sleeping. It has vanilla and nutmeg in it. Might be worth a try? :smiley:

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Me too!

I don’t have a sleep problem - but that sounds delicious - might try it!

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Oh it is…is smooth and a tiny bit spicy, but its really quite soothing. They market it as like “getting a hug from your favourite bear” which i think is lovely! :smiley:

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I love lots of different herbal teas, but the one I just can’t bear - and I’ve tried, I’ve really tried to like it - is peppermint tea. I wish I did like it because I know it’s so good for the digestion and is very calming. But I drink camomile tea regularly, and I like fennel tea, and lots of the fruit teas out there. Currently I have some raspberry and echinacea tea which is really lovely. I also have rooibos occasionally, with or without milk.

And I have at least one cup of green tea a day. My absolute favourite is Green Tea with Echinacea, but I also have it with Mango and Lychee, with Orange and Lotus Flower, and one with ginger, which is fab.