Help for speeding

Last week I got another speeding fine - not the first!!

I know there are gadgets you can get that warn you when you’re speeding or when you’re near a speed camera. I don’t know anything about these & would like a bit of help please.

Do you use anything to control your speeding & what?

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How about the speedometer in your car, Carol? :wink: :slight_smile:

Not sure about any other gadgets?
I believe it is considered illegal to warn other drivers of cameras.

Hi carol, don’t you have a speedometer in your car ?? LOL!


Aw Carol :frowning: sorry to hear that.
Are you distracted while driving , it might help to do a silent running commentary to yourself similar to when you are learning to drive.
I do this to stop my mind drifting off to other thoughts away from driving , it includes ‘check speed and mirror’ at frequent intervals.

I don’t drive but I would have thought one of the most important rules was to keep your eye on the speedometer. :confused:

Most Satnavs show and warn about fixed speed cameras and some will sound a warning if you are exceeding the speed limit. Similar apps are available on smart phones.

Better to keep your eye on the road.

… that too! :smiley:

Don’t press down so much with your right foot. It is harder to drive slowly than fast
As for gadgets look up “”" ROAD ANGEL “”" you will find what your looking for

this is one I used to use, don’t know if it still works and lost the holder for it anyway

Many years ago i was fined for speeding i honestly thought i was in a 40 mph area and doing 38 shocked when letter arrived £60 fine then a penalty of £30 charged by my insurance company to amend paperwork, ive watched the speedometer ever since . Im told if doing 1 mile over the speed limit its a fine now .

I too suggested Carol check her speedo. It works for a lot of drivers, myself included.

That’s what I use. Google Maps warns you when you’re approaching a speed camera. Better to keep an eye on the speedometer.

Waze is another of these apps., this one also has the facility to report any problems so that other drivers can be warned. Accidents, objects on road etc. can be advised to Waze which can be very useful as well as the sat. nav. facility which is good. :wink: :slight_smile:

My satnav always seems to read a couple of miles per hour under what the car’s speedo is recording. So I could be bang on 30 according to the satnav, then I glance at the speedo and it’s registering around 32. So maybe not always best to rely on the satnav. Or is that more accurate than the car’s speedo?

Cruise Control, I have it on just about all the time. Best invention ever.

I got caught speeding last month for the first time in near 50 years to the day since passing my test. I’ve had something through the post about a Speed Awareness Course. They say the the course is offered to people doing 35 - 42mph in a 30 limit. Presumably, you can get away with doing 34 in a 30 limit. I was doing 36.

Car speedos are designed to read low it is in the car design rules, your sat nav is far more accurate.

I always set my cruise control to 98kph according to my sat nav (for 100kph limit) which is about 105kph according to my speedo

This is the Australian design rules but these were made to conform with European rules probably applied years before.

From July 1 2006 a new standard began its phase in and by 1 July 2007 all new vehicles had to comply. The new standard requires that:

The speedo must not indicate a speed less than the vehicle’s true speed or a speed greater than the vehicle’s true speed by an amount more than 10 percent plus 4 km/h. 
Odometer accuracy is no longer defined.

What this means:

For a vehicle travelling at a true speed of 100km/h, the speedo must read between 100km/h and 114km/h.  The effect of this is that many drivers will find that at 100km/h they are driving up to 14km/h below the speed limit if they rely on the vehicle’s speedo. 
The speedo must always read 'safe', meaning the vehicle must not travel faster than the speed indicated by the speedo.

When I’m driving I just don’t think about speed. I drive at what seems safe & comfortable for me.

I know I need to start thinking about it - hence the appeal for a helpful gadget that will remind me to slow down…

I posted a gadget for you.

Oh carol, that’s a bit sick. I am so sorry that you got caught.

My only advice to you is … give Nick Freeman a ring. He’d get you off!