Health update on Nom

Hi Forum
I’ve logged in behalf of Nom as he’s asked me to update you all on his health.
He’s currently in hospital and has been for the past week, but he is on the mend and apologizes for not posting recently.

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Oh thank you, I’ve been so worried! Please give him wishes and hugs for a speedy recovery! Missing him and his wonderful photos.
Tess x

nom, get well soon…!

I did notice he had not been on and hoped nothing had happened to him , Sending my best wishes .Get well soon Nom .

Wondered where he was, wish him well from me hope he can come back to us quickly. Get well soon nom.

I too wondered but we aren’t allowed to ask about our members so thank you for letting us all know, tell him we all love and miss him and that we all have been concerned, so glad to hear hes on the mend.

(((Hugs))) Nom
Hurry back x

Thank you so much for notifying us about Nom. We have missed him on the forum and did wonder if he was unwell or had a fall.

Please pass on our very best wishes to Nom for a speedy recovery and we hope to see him back here when he is able.

Thanks once again for your message.

I had noticed Nom hadn’t been online lately…I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing more of his lovely photos. Thanks for updating us. Please send him best wishes to get well soon.

Thank you so much ‘Nom’s friend’, for telling us about him.

Some of us have been very concerned about him and were unable to get in touch.

Please give him our love and best wishes and hope he feels much very soon.
Perhaps you wouldn’t mind giving him a couple of :hug: from the ladies too.

Thank you.

Get well soon Nom :slight_smile:

Hope you’re better soon, Nom.

Get well soon Nom!

Following his earlier posts I almost sent Nom a personal message yesterday to see if he was ok but decided not to knowing what a private person he is and realising if he was at home he would post if he wished, he wasn’t at home he would not see the message anyway.

I hope Nom will be better and home again soon and that it won’t be long before we are able to share and enjoy his lovely photographs once more :slight_smile:

Wishing you get well soon Nom, hurry up back we all miss you.

Good to hear and a good idea of his to get you to log in on his behalf. Perhaps a contingency many of us should think about. All the best.

All the best for a good recovery Nom…

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery Nom.

Come back to us soon Nom - we miss you!

Good to know you’re on the mend Nom. Hope we’ll see you here soon.:slight_smile: