Having babies - men

Nothing annoys me like people making exceptions for men as they have had a baby ( ie the paper today defending Boris right to go on hols because among others things he’s had a baby ) he hasn’t had a baby his new wife has had a baby aka insurance policy .
If Boris had given birth he would have probably stopped at one child !
Men don’t have babies they have children they don’t carry them and suffer the pain of childbirth.

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Many men play a big part in feeding baby throughout the night, I know mine did, plus they have to go to work in the morning.

We can sleep when baby sleeps.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday in Spain, Boris,:+1::+1:


Not if you are breast feeding .

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If men had to actually give birth - the human race would have become extinct years ago!


That’s pretty obvious, you can express your breast milk and bottle it, which the dad can then feed baby.

I think taking time to bond with the baby as a family is good but you are right Muddy he didn’t actually have the baby …oh that would be great if it were possible…a pregnant Boris…laughing here :slight_smile:

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Boris deserves a holiday. I love Marbella And wish I was there right now but OH is poorly so we are not travelling for a while.


Obviously true and as I was present for our 3rd daughter’s birth at home, I was straight away onto my doc for the snip. That was in '73 and I was one of the 1st in my area to be snipped. I knew birth was not painless, but only by being inches away from the business end did I realise how painful the event is!
Daughter No4 was adopted👍

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Which rather defeats the benefits of breast feeding ,.

How does filling bottles reduce the colostrum content?

You only produce colostrum in milk soon after birth the other benefits of breast feeding are the sterility of the milk obviously this is reduced by putting it in a bottle the correct temperature of the milk again not right if from a bottle ease of all the aforementioned and lastly the close bond with the mother the softness of her breast gives the baby a feeling of security . Stuffing a plastic bottle in its mouth is not the same .

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If a breast feeding mother is desperately tired, who needs a break now and again,then no it doesn’t defeat anything, also plenty of fathers play a big part in the feeding of their babies, those who are bottle fed…

We don’t know what part Boris plays in feeding his baby,as we aren’t in the bedroom with them…

Also a tired mother can have a lower breast supply of milk and also affect the relationship with baby if she’s over tired…so dad stepping in with expressed milk is a good thing.

Unfortunately some mothers are unable to breastfeed, I was one such mother who had inverted nipples,plus they bled, so many don’t have that choice of breastfeeding.

No we don’t know and we don’t care the man is supposed to be running the country not playing paterfamilias a role he has played many times before .
Let his young wife do it she has nothing else to do instead of sticking her two cents in at the Tory conference.The thought of being in a bedroom with them two is enough to turn out anyone off their lunch .

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I breastfed my fourth child for 18 months. It was great until she got teeth!

I don’t know how l would’ve managed without my husband when my children were born. He was brilliant and helped me so much, even though l was shouting at him because l was so tired.

Husbands can only do so much especially if they are working but that’s life isn’t it it’s what’s you expect when you have children .

Exactly, some fathers play a vital role in supporting us after having a baby, my ex always helped me feed my youngest plus we had two small ones to care for while he went to work ,in your case Art 4 and a new born, :open_mouth::open_mouth:…some great supporting fathers out there,hip,hip hooray to them!:+1::+1::+1:

What’s this got to do with men having babies they don’t actually have them and still in most cases the bulk of the work with them falls upon the mother .

The same as what it’s got to do with Boris running the country.

Even God allowed himself a rest.

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