Have your musical tastes changed

When I was a young teenager I loved Simon & Garfunkel and ABBA and fifty years on I still do .
Do you still like the favourites of your youth?


Hi Helen, nice to meet you. I still enjoy the music I loved as younger me, but I would say my taste has broadened, as I now also enjoy classical music and music from earlier eras, (Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Jazz etc,) all things |I didn’t listen to in my headbanging days.

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I still love the music from my young years, 70s and 80s. I’m my mind music has never been as good since then. I’ll forever worship the music of Freddie Mercury, it has lived on 5 decades and still loved by so many old and young alike.

I have never liked punk and I just don’t get it, its just noise that’s painful to my ears.

I used to love the monkeys growing up, I quite like pop music, my fav has to be Praise and Worship songs, I could and do listen to those all day every day,:pray:

Welcome to the forum, pleased to meet you.:smiley:

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My music tastes haven’t changed that much over the years still listen to rock bands that I listened too 50 years ago. Led Zep
Deep Purple and far to many others to mention.
Have picked up on newer stuff as well. :grinning:

I was just listening to my Spotify “What you listened to in 2021” playlist and it seems to confirm that.

It is all Led Zeppelin, Captain Beefheart, The Stones, Beatles , Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan etc, so yes, the same old stuff.

I have rediscovered some like Lyle Lovett and Patti Smith and really gone off The Doors but otherwise it is much of a muchness

There are some new ones, I am very fond of Missy Higgins.

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Same for me but I’ve never, ever liked Ole Blue Eyes.

Hi Helen :wave:

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Some of the music I grew up with will always be a part of my life. In the US, however if you listen to the radio, you here the same songs over and over again to the point of nausea. Songs like Hotel California. The Eagles had a ton of hits, but Hotel California is played a ton. Led Zep - Stairway to Heaven. Some of these songs I’ve grown weary of simply from hearing them so much. That is why I make my own audio CDs, so I can listen to those less played great hits.
Yes my tastes have changed I listen to more of a mix of genres than I used to. The young me it was Rock N Roll or nothing.

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My musical tastes have not changed in as much as what I loved then I still tend to love now. But, my tastes have broadened a lot and a lot of stuff I found pretty well unlistenable and intolerable then I now like a lot. I must be getting more tolerant with encroaching old age.

For various reasons, I came to music late and not until I left school and started work. But I got into classic rock, mainly Pink Floyd. I still listen to them, but I listen to a lot of stuff - but nothing to do with so-called Rhythm and Blues or any Rap nonsense. If asked, I would haven’t the faintest idea who is in the charts or number one, nor do I care. Today’s music is far too homogenised and sampled for my liking and gone are the days where music was the product of talent and ability.

My tastes have broadened, but I still like a lot of bands I did years ago. For example, I attended a Tom Robinson gig where he was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of Power in the Darkness, an album, I brought in the late 70’s. I have also recently been to see Focus a band who I also first brought an album off in the 1970’s. And I have just booked tickets to see Karl Palmer of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

I also listen to & enjoy Jazz, folk & classical music, something I did not do as a teenager.

Great stuff. Where and when? I’ve just looked up the tour dates and there’re none in my neck of the woods. :unamused:

Same here. I absolutely hate rap music and I agree with you regarding what’s in the charts these days.


Karl Palmer is playing in Norwich at a venue that used to be the Anglia TV studios. So if you remember Sale of the century. From that studio.

Thanks Gee3. I’ve been listening to Carl Palmer - ELP Legacy on YouTube. Not bad considering there’re no keyboards.

My music tastes and preferences bounce all over the place. I guess I am simply a fan of what sounds good to the ear or suits/sets the appropriate mood.

Always have my go to sounds though…summer right now so it is reggae vibes for me


Hello Helen nice to meet you.
I still like the same music it hasn’t changed.
First it’s The carpenters and anything like that and hubby introduced me to Pink Floyd and Ultravox in 1985.

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Love reggae. Makes you wanna dance!


I’ve never understood jazz. I wish I did as I know people love it, to me it sounds like one never ending stream of sound. I think, dare I say this… it appeals more to a previous era :thinking:


Love reggae :slight_smile: Love to dance :dancer:


Here’s one for you pauline3

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