Have you ever tried blogging?

Over the years, I’ve started multiple blogs. Just as a form of self-expression. They got boring after a while. I wasn’t sure what I was trying to express. I’ve been thinking about trying it again.

Have you ever blogged? Do you blog?

Yes, Whenever I travel.

I started on Google Blogger in 2017 but then they changed their interface and I could no longer use Open Live Writer so I moved the whole lot to Wordpress.

Years ago I used to keep travel journals but they ended up cluttering up the place and were never opened so I tried Blogger and found that my relatives actually did start to follow my travels so I have kept doing it.

I did for a while. After a time, I found I was blogging to myself so I got bored and gave up as it seemed pointless to continue.

I started ‘Bob’s Bits’ when I first joined the forum back in 2015. It was mainly about running and other adventures, including the odd holiday. Since my exciting life descended into old age and running has become a distant memory, not much happens these days. I do still contribute occasionally.

Bob’s Bits.