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I consumed a large helping of ‘LSD’ this morning: In a runners world ‘LSD’ means ‘Long Slow Distance’ but I’m from a generation where it used to mean something entirely different.
Visability was down to about 500 metres, with a cold clingy mist hanging on to eyelashes and wrapping itself around my legs. although it was warmer than of late, I felt happy that the last minute decision to wear gloves had been a good one. It was just light enough to see where I was putting my feet as I padded along empty streets, past the silent church and out into the country. Birds sang in the hedgerows in anticipation of the approaching dawn, when the sun would eventually revolve round to our side of the planet. I crossed the railway line at the edge of the village and noticed three diggers parked in the lane waiting to begin some major work, probably somewhere on the line. I was warm now and adopted a comfortable pace as I passed a small copse. As a boy I had played in this copse, it was a lot larger then, with more trees. Scotch Pine made up the majority, and some quite large ones were laying on the ground, there won’t be a copse here soon, such a shame as some of these trees were over seventy years old (they were adult trees when I played here over fifty years ago) and I don’t think the landowner will replace them. I notice the same thing happening to other woods and copses located close to habitation as I jog round the neighbourhood. Perhaps houses will spring up on these sites to cater for our ever expanding population. I crossed over a canal and then a river, and passed by another small village church with snowdrops in abundance: I think today was their annual snowdrop festival judging by the small marque adjacent to the church. After four miles I turned for home, it had been a nice little circuit and after six miles I had rejoined my outward route, I fumbled for my mobile phone to check in with my other half, a routine I now have to perform following some health problems last year, she sounded happy that I was enjoying my run and was only a couple of miles from home, where I arrived about twenty minutes later.
A bit on the slow side today, but happy at sixty four to still be able to do it.


I dont jog or run but I walk dogs and I love thinking about the places I walk and the fairly ordinary but great things there are to see…

Your post could so easily have been one of my dog walking routes.
Fasinating in its everyday beauty.

oh and congrats on being able to run that far!

Thanks for the read Robert ,i use to go on long walks and every now and again test myself to see if i could still run ,I could but only for about 5minutes . Thats no longer. Possible now though , your description made it feel like we were running at side of you so keep up the commentary:-D

Lovely Robert, you sound like you really enjoy your LSD. ;-):smiley:

Robert, I remember you having your health problems. I’m glad you are up and running again :-D. I loved reading that. Keep us posted!

I felt I was with you on your LSD reading that . It did remind me of my dog walks too .
Sometimes when I can’t sleep I take myself mentally on a particular dog walk . It’s lovely to think back on . :smiley:

Its great to read Day 1 of your Journal on here OGF and its lovely that you can appreciate what’s going on around you when you’re out on one of your runs. Its been a cold day here too but no mist that I’m aware of.

Welcome Robert, you have a real gift for painting a word picture. I look forward to reading your posts.

Well good evening Mr Fox, lovely to see you in this neck of the woods.


Thanks everyone…

[FONT=“Verdana”]Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments.
With so much technology today, I look forward to the more basic things in life, like a run or even a walk out in the country. It sort of ‘Clears out the clutter’ and the older I get the more the clutter seems to accumulate.
Thanks again, and I’ll try to keep them fresh…OGF [/FONT]

A nice read Robert…Glad to see You’re ‘up and running’ on here too ;~)

Tried to post a photo but not happy with the result…back to the drawing board…

good one OGF - took me back to frosty cross-country compulsory runs as a teenage school boy through the snowy, frosty cheshire countryside - it was either play soccer or cross country running - I got to stop for a fag on the runs!

At just under a few weeks off being 70 I can’t even run after young ladies any more let alone going jogging. Yet at college I was sprint champion (100yds) out of all 11 colleges in the group.
Just shows what growing older does for you

I’ve got a vision of you doing a ‘Benny Hill’ running after young ladies!!

Nice read OGF, im reduced to a plod these days but it allows me to observe and take in my surroundings so i see and hear so much more. I used to love my early morning runs up early no people or traffic about and the Dawn Chorus is always a joy on the ear.

I agree Robert, it does declutter your mind when walking, or running. Without a doubt. It even declutters your mind when reading about someone else doing it! Especially when they are so descriptive, as you do. Yes, I do miss writing about my walks, as I did on the other site, but will look forward to hearing all about yours :smiley:

Posting a Photo
[SIZE=“5”][FONT=“Verdana”]Yes I think I’ve got it…[/FONT][/SIZE]:smiley:

Great pic Robert!

I can tell you’ve experienced the magic of running Nom, only a runner would know these things. As long as you can still get out and enjoy nature as it’s meant to be enjoyed, long may we continue.