Have you bought any Easter eggs yet?

have you brought or already eaten an easter egg yet…oh this includes creme eggs:-p… im being honest i have had a cuople of cream eggs, it be rude not to, i have looked at some eggs but not purchased… yet:018:

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What? You’ve got to be kidding me!
But we haven’t even finished Valentines as yet! :049:

And, just take care that you don’t end up looking like an egg since you’re off to an extra early start

Five cream eggs, Cakeman. :blush:

I’ve had a few buns :blush:

My word. Is there no sanctity left for the holidays. It’s way to early to bring out the Easter Bunny!

i knew i could rely on you :wink: lol

your right of course minx but they been on sale couple weeks now, my son came home with a massive one other day…and yes he and his girlfriend have eaten it :slight_smile:

good for you…:slight_smile: no harm in that

Glad I could help. :lol:

No way… I still have a rather nice box of lindt chocolate left from Christmas…

sharing is caring cass:-), they lovely chocs

Evening! Said I wasn’t going to be on but needed some friendly chat! Not had any Easter eggs yet! :slight_smile:

Oh yes! Oreo Creme Egg…scoop ‘n’ suck, amazing stuff!

ooh never tried that one:-p

evening suzie you ok:-) and are you sure about not having any eggs yet lol

Yeah just had a bit of a meh day , not sure why just have! Mmmm definitely no eggs yet!! Love a crime egg though but I’m sure they have made them smaller! How’s you ?

whats a crime egg…is that something that gets you in trouble lol, n yeah i ok ta.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: blooming typing on my phone! lol

lol yep i know how you feel using phone to chat suzie:-)

It’s a nightmare! I have got a kind so maybe I should charge it up and use that! :slight_smile: