Hatti girl is not well...update

After 16 weeks of various tests and medications, her bladder is no better :frowning: The next step is a visit to Liverpool Small Animal Hospital for Hatti to have a Cystoscopy (camera into bladder). Was really hoping it didn’t come to this, but chatting with Vet, Louise, there is now no alternative-can’t leave her like this, and at least we’ll know exactly what is going on, and whether or not it is treatable.

I knew as soon as I got her urine sample that things weren’t right, and was so disappointed. At least, hopefully sometime next week, we’ll have full results and can take it from there.

Fingers crossed that whatever it is treatable. Got to the stage where I need to know and can then take it from there…

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Oh merz, I’m so sorry and I can understand how disappointed you must be.:frowning:

I do hope the vets can find out what is going on and are able to treat it accordingly.

Please give your lovely Hatti a gentle hug from me … and I think you deserve one as well (((hugs)))

Oh lass, I know how heartbreaking it is when a beloved pet becomes ill.

How old is Hatti? Please let us know what the vet says. :frowning:

Thank you Mags for the hugs :slight_smile: I’ve got over the disappointment, just want results now. Can cope better knowing than not knowing.

Thanks Mollie.Hatti is 8.5 yrs old. We went through this for 6 months last year, but treatment cleared it up, but not this time. I will post another update when we’ve been to Liverpool Mollie.

Oh Merz am so sorry to hear that Hatti girl is no better and can understand your disappointment. Lets hope that the hospital in Liverpool can get to the bottom of her bladder problems.

I’m very sorry to hear that news merz, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope things work out for the best. Take care.

Sorry to hear Hatti is no better :frowning: Hope that whatever the results are, it can be treated.

Merz, you are right. The sooner your Hatti girl has her tests, the sooner you and Louise can help her back to full health again. Isn’t it just awful when they are ill? Bless her.
Please give her a cuddle from me xx

Unfortunately I know nothing at all about dogs, so I can find no other words of comfort except to say that I hope she can be treated.

I can diagnose cat illnesses and know how to treat or what the outcome may be, but I’ve never owned a dog. All I do know is that a pet is as much loved a part of the family as any other member.

Sorry, but I don’t even know what breed your dog is. :frowning:

Thank you all so much for your wishes, you’re all so very kind. Cuddle duly given Maryl…she’s certainly lapping up all these hugs and cuddles :slight_smile:

Mollie, she is a yellow Labrador. Brought her home from Labrador Rescue when she was about 14 months old and was badly treated :frowning: She was a nightmare at first, but turned into a little star :slight_smile: I know more about dogs really than cats, and having worked at the Vets for 8 years, I have picked up a lot of knowledge about illness, and you know what they say about that…little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

Merz I am sorry to hear Hatti is no better :frowning: what a worry for you.
I wonder if Hatti might have Urolithiasis a condition Mini Schnauzers are susceptible too…

I hope the cystoscopy shows something so you know what you are dealing with, I always think the worse thing is having a problem and not being able to find the cause.

Thank you Meg. I’ve just looked at the link you very kindly posted, but she has had her bladder x-rayed and scanned and no stones showed up. Also had sterile urine taken from her bladder and no crystals showed up, but thanks again. At least with the cystoscopy they will be able to see all round and in her bladder, and be able to take biopsies if they find anything.

Yes lass, a little knowledge can be dangerous. :frowning: I’ve always had a fear of dogs, but Labradors I’ve always loved and more recently Border Collies since my brother got one a couple of years ago.

I hate ill-treatment of any animal, so it is good to know that she found a lovely mum like you to take care of her, and love her. Please give her a hug from me as well.

You wouldn’t be afraid of my Hatti, Mollie, she is a very gentle girl and just loves everyone…Hug given-she’s now getting spoiled:-)

Sorry to hear about Hatti, its such a worry when they’re ill. Giver her a hug from me too and let us know what happens in Liverpool.

When you hear the results Merz you will know which way to go, dont be fobed off by any-one you will do what is right by her, talk to her , she will tell you.Why do we have pets… because they love us and we them, God Bless her.

Oh dear, thinking of you; it’s heartbreaking when they’re ill and in pain. Praying for treatable results.

I was really hoping she would be better by now Merz, how hard it must be for you both. Best wishes and huge (((HUGS))) from Oscar, Alfie and myself…:frowning:

I do hope Hatti and you have some good news, I know exactly how you feel when your beloved dog (or any pet ) is unwell, we have had the same with our cat.

My thoughts are with you Merz.