Our hair is important to us. For many women it’s our ‘crowning glory.’
Our hair makes a statement about who we are because we are often recognized by it.
Hair is fun! We cut it, curl it , straighten it, colour it, style it, shave it … but we are also conditioned by society to conform.
From commercials on television , magazine ads, to the internet; we are bombarded with “how we ‘should’ look.” Many of us fall prey to hair dressers who love to cut, style, curl, colour, blow dry etc., etc., etc. Unfortunately we trust these people but all too often end up with hair we don’t like.

How do you feel about others stating :
-you are too old to have long hair?
-you should cut & colour it?

Have you ever had a bad hair experience?

How did you transition from your youthful hair to your hair now? ie: cut it? Colour it? Shave it? Grow it?

I LOVE hair and have somewhat of an obsession or hair fettish.
Here are some pictures of my cherry cola / hibiscus / hennaed hair along with some self made hair toys.

Show us pictures of your hair !!!

My Transitioning to a Silver/ Cherry Cola Ombré

Then August 2015 I decided to stop colouring. While I loved my cherry cola colour I found I had to colour every 10 days which became too much. Plus I’d often dreamed of having silver grey hair and since the colours now in fashion , I thought , why not?

Here are some pictures of my transition.

The hair rose stick I turned on the lathe then carved.
The molly mouse hair fork is made from spalted maple off of our property which I hand carved and the hair pearl buckle I made from beads and wire. It also has an acrylic stick which was turned on a lathe. The maple leaf hairtoy is also made from spalted maple . The stick was turned on my lathe.

So far I’m liking my transition and I have no plans on cutting my hair to conform to any of societies expectations.

Come and share some hair stories and pictures.

Bratti asked, “Have you ever had a bad hair experience?”

Yes! I looked in the mirror one day, in my latter years, and realized that my hair had disappeared!!! - - -I kept glancing in th mirror every now and then but it never returned. :frowning:


:lol: DaveA
My husband is going through the same type of transition.
He prefers to state that he’s not losing hair but merely gaining more forehead.:-p

You have beautiful hair and it is obvious from the photos that you take care of it. Don’t let anyone persuade you to cut it until you are ready to do so.

The hair ornaments are really pretty - you are very talented.

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I like my hair very short, and run the hair clippers over it once a week. I had long hair as a young child and I hated it. My hair is fine and having it brushed and combed was a nightmare. I knew if I got head lice I would probably have it cut. I rubbed my head against a girl at school who came from a poor home, and whose head was always crawling with nits. RESULT!! My parents, sisters and uncle caught them off me. My uncle was not best pleased, to put it mildly, as he was due to fly back to the UK to resume his studies at Oxford Uni. WHOOPS!:blush: My hair was cut much shorter, as was that of my sisters.

My little grandson asked my hubby the other day, grandpops why have you got a hole in your head ? Meaning his bald patch…so funny.

Your hair is lovely Bratti, I’ve never had long hair and it’s a regret for me, I’ve tried to grow it a few times but I always give up at that in between stage. Under the blonde I’m pure white and have been for many years I keep thinking I will just go white but I chicken out :slight_smile:

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My hair went silver grey in my 40’s and I left it like that.

I don’t like dyed hair particularly if it is a dark colour ,it looks harsh. Natural colour hair has many shades it is not just one blank colour and that is something that can’t really be achieved with dyed hair.

I prefer well cut shiny non dyed hair long or short depending on what suits each person. :slight_smile:

Those hair pictures are lovely - they look like professional photos.

I’m satisfied with my hair - it’s dark, flecked with grey (which I don’t try to hide) & thick and naturally wavy. It takes minimum care - just a dry trim every 2 months and a twice weekly wash & air dry - I use the hair dryer if I’m in a hurry.

I’m so glad I don’t have to spend lots of time faffing around with it. I wouldn’t have the patience.

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My hair has most of its natural colour still. I would never consider dying it when I go grey.

I believe you.
I can’t imagine you succumbing to vanity in any way Tara.:slight_smile:

Bratti, I envy your absolutely gorgeous crowning glory, great ideas for hair doo dads, you could sell those.

Bad hair experience…Recently had to have my hair chopped short as I was in an accident and could not lift my arm to style it. I came home crying as I do not suit a pixie cut.

Moped and cursed …UNTIL I went to visit my landlady who is undergoing chemo and has lost most of her hair.

A wake up call for me for sure, I felt so awful for my complaining.

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Lovely hair Bratti

I started to go grey. in my twenties, so the colouring for fun soon became a necessity :frowning:

I always had really dark brown hair, nearly black, so the whites were really noticeable

When I got to my 50s I was persuaded to go for lowlights which I liked at first, but hated the commitment to getting them done so I went cold turkey and allowed the grey to grow through

So now Im 99% grey and love it. Hair is in such good condition I wish I had done it sooner.

Theres still a hint of brown to it in patches so if Im going somewhere where I need to look my best, the hairdresser just matches those bits in for me

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Your hair is beautiful Bratti and I am quite envious.
I have had all sorts of disasters and a few successes over the years with my hair. I am naturally dark, but have been curly and most colours - blonde, red, streaked, etc. I was once so blonde that when I had a toner put on it went green :surprised: These days I wear my hair short/midi length and what started out as a “Mallen streak” has gone white/grey all around the front, but it is still quite dark at the back. I don’t colour or perm it these days - just wash and wear it as it comes. I really need a good cut at the moment, but my hairdresser has just retired so I have to find someone else. I might try cutting it myself for a while.

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Thank you Silver Tabby!
Much appreciated. I’m not cutting it.
I’d like to try and grow it to knee length but I’ll see how it goes.

Hi Tarantula
I’ve had long hair my entire life except for 3 major cuts. The first one was due to having an obsessive father who went scissor crazy. My parents didn’t help me look after my hair at all but, touch wood, I’ve never, ever had lice. That would suck big time. I’m sorry you had such negative experiences but happy that you like your hair now. My best girlfriend has very short hair and I just LOVE it. Today I’ll ask her if I can post her picture. She’s as cute as a button.

Thank you for sharing your hair experiences.

Hey summer,
Thank you so very much. Your hair from your avatar looks lovely. The great thing about being a blonde is that transitioning to silver is usually the easiest and looks the nicest. I have an online friend who transitioned from bottle blonde to pure silver and her hair is knee lengths. It looks gorgeous. Someday you’ll do it and won’t look back. It’s such easy maintenance.
Thanks for sharing

Your hair sounds lovely and while I appreciate,all natural, I liked colour too much to leave it but glad I have now because now I’ve got an ombré with contrasting colours.
I have to disagree with you though about hair dyes not allowing natural tones to show through. While I didn’t use box dye to colour my hair , ( used all natural substances ) these days there are many hair dyes that DO allow for natural tones to show through. They still aren’t good for your hair but they aren’t anything like they used to be.I’ve got to agree , however, that darker coloured hair actually ages the person more. It does tend to look harsher. Even my naturally coloured hair was starting to look a bit harsh. I really do prefer the silver/grey plus it’s easy maintenance. Just wash and air dry and while doing the roots was a PITA, the natural hair colour certainly allowed for the different tones to shine through. I wouldn’t have used it for 35 plus years if it didn’t.
And YES everyone needs to have hair that not only suites their appearance but also their lifestyle. For sure!

Thanks for your input Meg. Much appreciated.

Hi Carol,
Your hair sounds like it’s perfect for you.
I think one thing most people who don’t have long hair think is that long hair takes a lot more work to look after. This really isn’t necessarily true. Many people grow their hair long for the very reason that it doesn’t take much effort to look after. It gets washed and air dried. Once dried it gets put up into a bun and stays like that all day long. It’s actually awesome cause you can oil the ends and hide it within the hairstyle. I don’t blow dry , style or curl my hair whereas when it is shorter I HAVE to because I have cow licks everywhere that collide with each other. Perhaps another wavy/ curly can elaborate on this some. It’s like crashing waves.:lol:

None of these pics are professional but thanks all the same.

Anyway I’m driving to my parents house today to treat them to honey glazed chicken with honey glazed carrots , wild rice and gluten free devils food cake.
Ummmm yum it’s good.

Later peeps and thank you once more for your opinions. :mrgreen:

No hair shaming!
We’re just “follically challenged!” :mrgreen:

Hi Bratti…I finally made it here, I have been reading through all the interesting posts. I knew it would be a hit having a hair thread…look at all the people who are interested in hair.

I am sorry I told you to post in General Chat…I forgot there was a special section…I just didn’t want you to post where I couldn’t participate…as I am soooo interested in your hair.

I love the wonderful colours of today. I still haven’t gotten to walmart for mine. It is a long way from me and I have a full calendar. I must look back through my photos and find one with the orange. That is the only colour I have tried and it was a permanent dye so it had to be coloured or let it grow out, so I just coloured it. I didn’t realize we had other options.

I do have three wigs (had cancer), two are white/gray and one is highlighted light red with blonde highlights. They are great if I am having a bad hair day and have somewhere important to go.

You are brilliant Bratti…congratulations on your bravery on trying new things, not everyone is so brave.

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You’ve lovely hair Bratti … looks like mine actually, even to the crinkly crimped look.
Do you have to watch you don’t tuck it into the waistband of your jeans? I do.

I haven’t been to a hairdressers since the late 1980’s.
For me though, now I’m a certain age and the grey is starting to show (I’ve never dyed it in my life) … I’m seriously considering having it lobbed to shoulder length so it’s easier to keep nice. I always said I would at age 40, which slipped by and became a promise at 50 … so it’s overdue.

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Hi Mort :hug:
It seems that you haven’t been around much lately, I have missed you.

When I turned 40, all my friends said I shouldn’t have long hair now that I am middle age…so I cut it for the first time…What a big mistake…I had beautiful long hair…

Think 100 times before you cut it Mort, you might regret it and then it takes forever to grow back in.

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My father and brothers went bald in their early twenties.

I am suddenly going bald in my sixties, the last few months.

My Son,Guy,has sent me some minoxidil.

He thinks it is hilarious.

Don’t get it on your face,you will look like a werewolf.

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