Hair Style

Is yours easy to manage?

How much do you pay to have it proffesionaly cut then blow dried?

My hair needs a precision cut does yours?

I am going to new hairdresser soon,…I will be paying at least £70 for a cut then blow dry,…for a colour it will cost a lot more.:slight_smile:

I have always been particular about my hair,…my mother was also particular as is my son.

A slanted bob with fringe (or bangs!) every 3 months or so
I colour it myself

I have straight thick hair cut in a bob. I have a ‘dry cut’ every 6-8 weeks to keep the shape which costs £24 and manage to keep it tidy myself in between cuts with the dog trimming scissors.

My hair is very easy to care for. It’s naturally dark and naturally wavy.

I go to the local hairdressers every two months for a dry trim. I go on pensioners discount day (Tuesday) and she charges me £14.

I get my hair cut once a year, much to my hairdressers annoyance, but that’s the way I do it. When I let her trim it every 8 or so weeks it never got any longer in a whole year. It grows away fine when it’s left alone. I get my platinum streaks put in 3 times a year.
I mostly just twist it up in a croc clip on top of my head. I leave it down if we’re out for the evening, for a meal or meeting up with friends at the village pub.

My hair has a natural curl so I have it wet cut every six weeks and then wash and blow dry it myself in between - cost £27.

I have never had a perm or a colour. I’m lucky that I have thick brown hair with a smattering of grey.

Sunroof. No.3 cut once a month.

My hair was last trimmed in 1989, I can’t remember what it cost. I do know she made a hash of it and I had to go back and have it cut shorter to hide the chunks she’d accidentally cut out.

It is now quite long and I just wear it in a long plait on one side.

Thank you everyone who replied,an interesting read.

I have straight hair,fine but a lot of it,.that is why I need a precision cut,…for some reason,my hairdresser who I have been having for a number of years.

I have been trying to grow it for nearly a year now,…but it never seems to show,…she cuts to much off…so for that reason I am changing my hairdresser.

Also I would like a professional colour,…as straight out of a bottle.just doesn’t suit me anymore,…

I have my hair cut every 6 or 7 weeks, it grows too fast for my liking :-D. It costs me £27.

I don’t have my hair coloured and I’ve grown old gracefully :smiley:

The last time I went to a hairdresser was 2010. My hair was quite long and a complete pain to look after, it’s thick and wavy and can’t be blow dried as it goes like straw.

My husband had just died and I felt like I had no control over anything, but my hair was one thing I could do something about so I had it all chopped off, it was quite severe but made life a lot easier.

After that I let it grow until earlier this year by which time it was down to my waist and again, a complete pain. So one day I stood in front of the mirror with my scissors and chopped it off just above shoulder length.

The idea was to take the length out then go to a hairdresser and get it layered but I was actually quite pleased with how it looked as I’d done it, like a long bob, so I didn’t bother with the hairdresser :smiley:

It’s getting long again now so the scissors will be out soon.

I don’t have much grey (thanks Mum, good genes) so don’t bother with colouring or anything.

I think a solid colour is too much and doesn’t suit these days, hence the platinum streaks. My hair is about half and half. I find the light softens out the dark. :slight_smile:

It’s really a rip off in ladies haircuts .

For a simple dry cut £20+

No styling just a straight trim

While men get away with half the price at the barbers.

I’ve always kept my hair short , sometimes I like a choppy cut so it looks a bit messy and spiky . Up until this year I was pink and violet but decided this year to calm my hair a little ,so at the moment I’ve allowed my silver grey to come through and I actually like it .

My hairdresser comes to dry cut me every 5 weeks and I pay £12 .

Beautiful hair,Rox.

I am going to a professional,because imo you get a much better cut,…I always used to travel to Winchester,French connection,he was a fantastic hairdresser,…also a celebrity hairdresser,…
Guy Kremer,his name was.

i believe you get what you pay for.

You have beautiful hair, Morti!:smiley:

You are younger than I imagined.

sounds cool ;-):confused::smiley:

short back and sides once every six weeks. :cool:

I hate getting my hair cut as I am never ever happy with the result, I hate having my hair washed in that back to front sink which digs into your shoulders, I can’t stand the intimacy of having a sensual head massage I did not ask for from someone I do not know from Adam, I really hate having someone blow dry it for half an hour when it takes me less than five minutes. I particularly hate having one of those rough dries where they use their fingers (what’s that all about?). I wait as long as possible between cuts, usually 3 months. My hair is usually perfect just before a haircut.

My worst hair cutting experience (there are many!) was giving the hairdresser a photo of what I wanted and ending up looking like I’d been scalped. It took ages to grow out. I once cut my hair myself when I was 12 years old and my mum had cut it short, I decided to cut it shorter, then shorter because one side didn’t match the other, this went on a while… the school pictures are still there somewhere as evidence of my foolery.

My hair has a “natural wave” which I blow dry straight. The “natural wave” is like a living creature and has a life of its own. Somehow every night the “natural wave” comes out when I am sleeping so when I wake it is sticking up in waves in every direction like I’ve had a perm in my sleep! Also if it’s windy or raining the “natural wave” is awoken during the day to cause chaos. I sometimes imagine the “natural wave” laughing like a cheeky minx at my distress.

I’ve also had highlights for years which cost £75 to £100 a time but it’s worth it because it always cheers me up. The highlights stick two fingers up at the “natural wave” so money well spent.