Hair and chemo and to wig or not

My hair is dreadful at the moment, it’s the poison I’m having pumped into me I know, but brushing it and finding so much has come out in the brush I’m searching for bald patches is getting a bit distressing. I know I should cut it off but I just can’t bring myself to so I’m trying to keep at least some.

Eyebrows gone already which looks odd, I’m allowing grace to paint them on me in the morning which makes us both smile, her concentration to get it just right and little tongue sticking out as she does it makes me smile, and I think me smiling makes her smile too. So not all bad.

I’m coconut oiling daily as what I have is dry as a bone.

My scalp is sore in places so I’m hoping not to lose hair in those places as red patches isn’t very nice to look at.

I forget at times and catch sight as I walk past a mirror only to be brought to a full stop as I mourn my poor hair.

I’m a terrible person caring about it like this I know many have much worse so I should be able to just see it as a minor thing but I think I am more upset with it than I was losing my boob.

Anyway I’m told wigs are better than they used to be so I’m wondering whether to go down the wig route or head scarves as I did last time I had chemo.

Which would you do given this problem ?

My husband and family are being stars absolutely doing all they can to make me feel better so I’m a trying not to be too gloomy around them, my friends have disappeared though either I was too gloomy or poor things don’t know what to say, I feel sorry for them either way.

Anyway apologies for the gloom but if you have any funny stories about wigs or scarves please share it might cheer me up :!:

Julie darlin’ - make yourself look good and cheer yourself up by doing so - go for the wig!!! Have seen a recent advert on television with a lady in a similar position being offered a bright blue one - go for that!!!

If it were me (and I was a lady) I would go for the wig, a good one. It’s not so bad for us men who can just have the lot shaved off.

Blue ones an interesting idea ! Might see if I can find a pink one though as that’s my favourite colour.

If your wardrobe is otherwise suitable - then go for it Julie darlin’ !!!

Something like this Julie darlin’ - doesn’t she look good???

Or like this Julie darlin’

Julie, I didn’t know about this, I am so sorry.
I think a wig, but they can make you feel hot.
I have two unused wigs that I paid a lot of money for my Mum(Now passed away). I would be more than happy to give you them, they are blonde.

I would go for a wig.

When I was having chemo this time last year my hair didn’t fall out (what was left of it); it just thinned and became very downy/silk-like all over my body.

Julie :slight_smile: I wouldn’t go for a wig, I am told they are hot,uncomfortable, and itchy.

There are so many people around on chemo with hair loss these days people don’t look twice.
If my hair got to the really wispy stage I would embrace rather than hide it and shave my head then wear a hat when it was cold outside or one of these…

cooler and more comfortable and also wear some hoop earings…

I think looking at the links I might go for a combination of blue wig for special occasions, loved the one Katie Perry was wearing in ujs first link ! And a scarf for everyday wear, school runs etc. Really like some of the designs Meg posted.

It could almost be fun if a get a few options to wear.

And as my husband has said no grey to worry about either.

Some ideas here Julie…

I know you sew, I would be tempted to buy some fabric and make my own scarf and maybe a skirt to match :slight_smile:

Thank you Meg, good idea about sewing one, I can get fabric I love that way. I have some blue fabric with bright pink flamingoes on it would be really eye catching and cheery.

I’d treat myself to a really lovely wig if I were you Julie. If you look better you’ll feel better.

I have a friend with pernicious anaemia who has lost her hair - she’s been bald for 7 years now and doubts it will ever come back - she gets little tufts now & again & then they fall out.

She has the loveliest wig and you can’t tell it from real hair.
I don’t think she bothers wearing it in the house though. At home she wears a pretty cotton scarf.

Take hope in the fact that your hair will return Julie.

Just out of curiosity have you heard of a cold cap?
I read about it years ago. Apparently if you wear this cold cap on your head while receiving treatment not so many damaging cells get to the hair follicles and you keep your hair.

I was fortunate in that although my hair thinned and was in terrible condition (as were my nails) while having chemo. I did manage to keep it, maybe because I only managed eleven of the thirty weeks treatment I should have had.

Years ago, when working I suffered badly from alopecia and had large bald patches and lost all of the hair on the back of my head. As I still had some on top, so when it was windy I would walk around holding my hair down over the bald area.:lol: Thankfully, I couldn’t see myself from the back. My hair would grow back white and like a baby’s, but eventually returned to my natural fair colouring. This went on for years and in the end I ignored it.

My nails are a mess too thankfully they make false ones so I still have a lovely manicure but with stuck on nails. They actually allow me to have longer nails than I can usually grow so I’m really happy with them. Unless I have one pop off at a rather in opportune moment. :mrgreen:

Plus you can choose the hair/style you always wanted. Just don’t go for the Brian May look.

Ive always had that crazy curl look long dogs so that’s always been acheivable :mrgreen:

My dream is an easy straight do I think although I’m of the opinion we tend to get the hair that suits us really so curls are me.

As a bloke I decided to shave the blooming lot off before it started to fall out, as well as the droopy moustache…not that you have that option.

My wife and me used to have our own shop selling afro Caribbean skin and haircare products as well as wigs and extensions.

Prices for good human hair wigs can be steep but synthetic fun wigs are very cheap, change your hair colour daily if you like.

If you are that way inclined you could sew hair extensions inside or outside a head scarf or hat to keep any irritation low, while giving the impression of have a full head of hair.
[U]HERE [/U]is hair weft, a string of hair like a grass skirt.

Just a few ideas for you to play around with, hope everything is going well.

Julie, I think I would go for a wig. The chemo I was on I was told that I wouldn’t lose my hair but it may thin somewhat. However I had a bad allergic reaction at my last IV on Monday so they are going to have to change my treatment. So who knows now! If necessary I will go for a wig something like my current style and colour. I don’t like to stand out, but we are all different!