Guilty, Until Proven Innocent, Becoming The Forum Norm?

This has come up in quite a few Topics, over recent times.

An incident hits the headlines, the headlines are cut & pasted to the forum, and then the Emotions cut loose.

Do we think it’s acceptable to pour all the negative postings, towards the “suggested” Perpetrator, before he or she has been proved to have done whatever crime?

Apart from the fact that Families can be damaged, wrongfully, for this “revelation”, and that, occasionally, libel or slander might lead to court cases, is it fair?

Really must have missed something .


And me as most threads seem to be sympathetic to the ‘alleged’ perve.

I did.

Probably got shushed by Bot.

Ted, ln the case of a murder, l always thought it was illegal to discuss the murder before it had gone to court?
I know newspapers don’t allow comments as it could bias the court case.

I don’t think men’s names should be published in the case of an alleged rape. Many innocent men have been accused when they were innocent, some have even committed suicide.

Trial by social media is the worst.

Edit…It looks like l got the wrong end of the stick and Ted, is referring to this particular forum and not generally?

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I have no idea what this thread is about without an example or two … :man_shrugging:

It seems that accusations are being made without a specific charge or substantiable proof … :017:

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Yes, :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: but it’s nothing new. It makes me very careful of what I post these days.


Not wrong Art, but while I was writing the title, my keyboard, quite deliberately, put in “The Forum” instead of “a Forum”!

I apologise to all who didn’t spot my error!

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So, the question still needs examples … :069:

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What else do you want from the man? Blood?

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Don’t see why not. :rofl: :rofl:

Not too much to ask, as long as its not an armful.

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No that would be excessive.

Serious allegations have been made including "Families can be damaged, wrongfully, for this “revelation” and “libel or slander might lead to court cases”.

I’m wondering what the terms of reference are for the allegations. If not this forum, then what other type (obviously, they can’t be named) and what sort of “revelations” lead to what sort of postings which lead to court cases.

Speaking in general terms, I think “trial by media / social media” (including discussion forums) has become more common over the years - it seems to be “the norm” for some people, though definitely not everyone.

It is a natural human trait to sum up a situation and reach a conclusion based on the information available - it’s the way our brains work - but our brains can also adjust that summary as more information is presented, so it’s best to keep an open mind, guard against confirmation bias when reading news reports and remember that the situation may look very different as more evidence is presented.


I think it is to do with papers trading on whipping up fury among their readers to increase circulation

And the readers seem to like it, I suppose it’s a moral high ground thing

But it feels like every day there’s something to get really angry about and judge the accused on. We’re whipped up into a permanent frenzy, it’s quite exhausting

And it’s sometimes really hard not to be swept along the way they want you to go and swim against the flow

It’s always been like that, of course. But I do think the Brexit thing changed us a bit. We seem to be polarised on everything now

And we’re quick to judge and there doesn’t seem to be a scale of which misdemeanours are worst



Every morning I put the news on, out of habit, but, nowadays no longer listen to it, what a waste of unnecessary power.

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I am not a Solicitor, but my understanding is this.

This is a Public Forum, so everything, apart from the Members Only Section, is in the Public Domain.

Anything posted could be subject to legal action.

What is, or is not defamatory will be decided by the Courts.

That being the case, Omah is wrong to ask for examples from Forum Members.