Group exercise - does anybody on here belong to a gym or walking club etc?

Does anybody on here belong to a gym or walking club etc?

I’ve just renewed my gym membership & like to go at least 3 times a week. 2 aqua fit sessions in the swimming pool & 1 activity exercise class for the over 50’s.

I think things are more fun with other people. :slight_smile:

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Good for you Carol. One needs to do what’s best for them. I personally prefer to exercise alone but to each their own. I wish you the best

If it helps you to do regular exercise Carol that has to be a good thing…:023:

I’m like Bratti though and have always trained by myself, long distance running can be a solitary discipline but once I get in the zone I can sort out the problems in the world including some of my own, and I’ve never had a problem with the discipline of going out when I’m supposed to whatever the weather. There are very few excuses that would prevent me from running…Death, broken leg, Although I probably could stagger a mile or two with a broken leg…:cool:

I agree with Bratti, and say good for you Carol. We must try to keep moving.
I also agree that it is more fun with other like-minded people to spur us on.

I used to do my Yoga 3, sometimes 4 times a week but that all came to an end with various lockdowns. I think they are talking about starting again soon though.

At the mo all I am doing is one new exercise class I started just yesterday, and one new yoga class but I haven’t been able to go for two weeks as I wasn’t feeling too good.

As long as we don’t get silly and over do things, it can only be good.
Living on my own, I also enjoy the company too.

I’m a lone exerciser as well. :smiley: I just don’t have the mindset to enjoy group activities, especially if it involves bending, stretching or potentially bumping into each other. Even walking I prefer to be by myself. :shock:

I belonged to a gym, I agree I much preferred working out with others, we had great fun and banter, especially with the men!!

I am going to sign up with another gym, as I really miss the social side…

I have equipment in my home at the moment that I work out on.

Neither do I have the mindset for group activities either. I’m a loner so it’s actually somewhat bothersome to be around others when I want to be alone and exercising is one of those times. It’s sacred to me. In fact I find walking alone with my dogs very meditative and can no longer imagine doing group yoga. Oddly enough when I was younger, I loved it. Now I’m ultra sensitive about my body and what might be showing as I’m stretching and getting into posture so it defeats the purpose.
Extroverts should all get all together in one place. That way we know where they are :mrgreen::lol:

I’m a fully paid up Rambler.

Most of the other Ramblers in my group get on my nerves, so I can’t say I find that to be the case. :frowning:

I was in a ramblers group. I got on fairly well with the others but gave up walking with them because I couldn’t set my own pace and times.

I go to the gym a lot (5 times in the last 6 days) but it’s not strictly speaking a group activity. There’s a bit of socialising that goes on, mainly waves, smiles and a couple of brief exchanges. We’re all there to get on with things, mainly.

I have a hankering to try what in the past was called a “boxercise” class, although god knows what trendy, non-violent, inclusive term it goes by these days, lol. The classes won’t be starting until July the 19th, sadly, and there’s no details of what will be on offer.

I’m a rambler too. I also lead walks for the ramblers - which have proved very popular since restrictions have eased. I think it’s great to get out walking with others and I had 37 walkers recently. I also walk with a smaller group of friends a few times a week but I limit my walking to about 5 miles - doing that three times a week is great and leaves enough time for all the other things I enjoy too.

I swim most days, at least 5 times a week. Usually on my own as I can get my head down and get my lengths done. I will chat afterwards with some of the others there, also while in the Jacuzzi, I just have to have a hot relaxing soak after. There are Aqua Classes but I never fancied doing that.
I also do a good walk with the dog everyday, not always on the flat often up on the hills on a rough track, that gives my legs a good workout, but as my balance can be bad some days I always have my dad’s Walking Staff with me. Also exercising the Clydesdales can give you a damn good workout too, my legs are often doing the wobble by the time we get back.
These are the type of places we often walk. This is the track over to the Highland Clearance Village “Badbea” a few miles from here.
I bought a Cubii a few weeks ago and I use that in the evenings when watching the half hour News and it fair works your legs.

Carol, I have several friends who enjoy the social aspects of some classes and claim that being part of a group distracts them from the mental challenges of their workouts. I think that’s great!

I am among those who like to exercise solo. I never good at whatever I first undertake, so I need that space to work out the rough parts. That independent focus is the only way I have accrued skill at most anything. Letting my mind wander and enjoying the pure pleasure of being solo (with most of my time spent taking care of others) not only reinvigorates me, it is almost an act of survival! :lol:

I sometimes ride with others but usually it’s a solo deal, which allows me to focus on what I’m doing much better.